Automatically generate invoice and attach it to order in customer account / send it via email

What is the need / problem?

In 2 words: Enable quicker invoicing

Even if Mary/Shannon can send or print an invoice for a given order, this is not done automatically, so Mary/Shannon has to manually trigger the invoicing operation, whether it be print or send via email. Sometimes she doesn’t do it, and Jane needs to ask the hub to email her the invoices if she needs it, she doesn’t automatically receive it in her OFN account and/or via email.
Although, Mary/Shannon might decide to use some other invoicing system than the one provided by OFN, so she should be able to decide if she wants to use it and if she wants those automatic invoicing operations to be triggered or not.

Who does it impact and what is the impact?

  • Mary / Shannon 1 who are managing invoicing operations, this is pretty time consuming and error prone (they might forget in the long list of things they have to do).
  • Jane 1 who doesn’t automatically receive her invoice when she purchases, can’t easily find it afterwards as it’s not in her account, and sometimes has to ask the hub to send her the invoice if she needs it.

What is the benefit in focusing on this (OFN strategy alignment)?

Time efficiency for food enterprise managers, who are the ones we want to focus on serving, AND happy customers, that makes food enterprise managers happy.

Potential solutions that will solve this problem

1- When an order is made, an invoice is automatically generated and attached to the order in the user account.
2- When an order is made, an invoice is automatically generated and sent via email to the user.

In both options:

  • if modification happens on the order, or gap in delivered quantities, a new invoice is generated and cancel and replace the previous one, and is either attached to account or send via email.
  • hub managers need to be able to “opt-out” from this action to be triggered if they use another invoicing system.

Value x ease analysis and selection of our feature candidate

To be done during discovery stage, obviously 1+2 would add the more value, but probably only 1 or only 2 will give enough value for the need to be met.

T-shirt size of the selected feature candidate

Probably M ? (will need dev input during discovery stage)

Metrics to measure if need is well satisfied after feature has been implemented

  • Mary can send all invoices for a given OC in 0 min.

Epic and/or project board where you can follow implementation

No epic yet.

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