Who are we? I want to know the people behind the names :-)

Hello, I’m Tom, I am a web developer in Devon UK.

I have been sitting in on a local organic growers network and trying to work out if I could help out somehow. Initially was planning to volunteer at a CSA, but it seemed likely I could be more useful using existing skills. I discovered that a local grower was using an OFN hub to distribute online, and it sounded like a really sound strategy so I am exploring the platform to see if there is a way I can contribute.



Hi, I’m Hernan Sedano cofunder of Cooperative Sporos. I have been consultant in the last 16 years diverse sectors an sizes companies, mainly small business and lately cooperatives. My work as a consultant is mainly base on a management philosophy name Theory of constraints (TOC), that help the companies to get focus and harmony. I’m also an enthusiast of free software.
In my personal path I have explore Buddhism, Vipassana meditation and Yoga.
Because my work and my personal path I have to study and work with education subject, alternative education as Montessori, and Agile Learning.

We create Sporos 4 year ago, an this year we decide to focus our energy in facilitate the connection of more people with earth, our purpose as cooperative is Cultivate life. Our main connection with earth is through food, but as consumers in the current system we are completely disconnect from producers and earth, and this situation cause our total disconnection with earth producing the undesirable effect of ignore how to care earth and our self.

I knew Open Food Network through the platform timeoverflow which is used by the time bank I belong to. When I see the values of OFN it was like a dream come true, to know a community with this orientation is amazing and we want to be part as OFN Colombia Affiliate, because is totally align with our cooperative and life values.

We think this platform could help a lot to connect consumers and producers and to reestablish our relationship with earth. Thanks to all the community for create this amazing option and opportunity, we want to contribute in this path.

Best regards, Hernan


Hi everyone, I’m Andy. My partner Melissa and I have a small farm called Hidden Penny Farm in Port Angeles, WA, USA. We’re getting together with a few other farms in the area and exploring different options for putting our products online in a joint marketplace and heard about OFN. I’m also a developer (Ruby, Rails, Swift, Javascript) so I’m interested in possibly contributing to the source code.


Helloo everyone,

my name is Jana and I joined the OFN Global Team as a product manager.
Having co-founded a climate tech accelerator programme in Barcelona I have been very interested in how to reduce the environmental footprint of the food supply chain, create more sustainable, resilient & local food systems and support the transition towards more regenerative agriculture.
That´s why I´m very excited to support the OFN mission and help providing the infrastructure to reconnect producers and consumers all over the world.

Looking forward to meet all of you!


Hi everyone! I’m Eriol (ehh-roll) and I joined the OFN global team at the start of August as a designer doing all things user research, UX, UI and visual design.

I’m very much into Open Source Software and I do plenty of community work and research around humanitarian open-source software and designers. I used to work at a human rights tech organisation based out of Kenya (but employed remotely) I’m based in the UK.

I’ve got plenty to learn on the food systems side of thing as my environmental/food-related love comes from running a community garden and a local Environmental Action group for 7 years. :slight_smile:


I am Valboa. I am writer, designer and engineer from Colombia and based in California. OFN seems like a response to my requests to an open food network (what a coincidence). I have been writing about the Food System for quite some time in my blog.
I founded in a couple of failed startups about food (one about distributed ag in Colombia and one about Retail), then as TechLead for the Web Client for 7 years at The Climate Corporation and recently I am working for a BioTechAg startup that will help with Soil Health.

Hope to know better this big and diverse group of people working on this great project. My personal interests are in product development and software architecture. I am good at Technical Documentation and Architecture, Planning and Project Management.
We can also talk about coffee :slight_smile:!


Bonjour !

I am Jean-Baptiste, also known as JB. I’m a developper (more frontend than backend, with a strong experience with React), a father of two wonderful (and exhausting) girls of 9 and 7 years old and an environmental activist (especially on how reducing our greenhouse gas footprint and our pressure on biodiversity with an improvement of social/political conditions).
I joined the OFN global team at the very beginning of 2021 as a frontend developper to help on making product more usable and beautiful.
I live near Toulouse, south west of France, and I enjoy running, cycling around my home, and skiing in the Pyrénées.

Looking forward to meet all of you!


Hello !
My name is Gaelle Bigler, I am French, English and Swiss. I live in Switzerland with my partner and 3 teenagers.
I have been a Community-Supported Agriculture advocate for many many years at local (French-speaking Switzerland) and international levels (through Urgenci).
I have been involved in what I would call “geekie projects” through the need to diffuse the knowledge about CSA management tools, which have been developped by several groups in Europe.
I am now working on developping OFN Switzerland with some friends, as I noticed how such a system would serve my overall goal of promoting food sovereingty.
I came to spend a lot of my time on the question of equity in the access to good food for all, as many CSA groups lack diversity … We therefore are also developping a project documenting food habits and training on advocacy for all.
Pleased to join you all and hopefully will meet some of you in person during the first OFN Europe gathering !