White Labeling

Something which is repeatedly coming up in conversations with existing foodhubs and cooperatives here in SA is white labelling of the actual shopfront. It seems that these organisations are wary of losing their branding/identity to OFN. I couldn’t find any previous conversations pertaining to this and was wondering if it has been discussed elsewhere and if not, what do you guys think about it?

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Conversations about whitelabelling are ongoing. I thought I’d post here to pick up some ideas and see if anyone else had any specific whitelabelling requests.

Shopfronts are much more branded now, with logo prominently displayed at top of shopfront. Also shopfronts are more easily embeddable within existing websites.

UK is working on whitelabelling emails that customers receive from hubs:

  1. Hub name in subject line of order confirmation and order cycle total emails
  2. Hub contact email as ‘from’ in automated emails
  3. Personalisation of the emails to include hub logo, design template, etc.

What other whitelabelling features are people finding that they need?
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I have invited Bob and Howard from Kent Farmers’ Market Association to join in this conversation as it is something they are keen to see.

Not sure I’ve got much to add. If the shop front can be embedded, I’d consider that for Stroudco and you’ve already mentioned the emails.

Hey @RohanM and @serenity how far did you guys get in creating the ability to embed an OFN shopfront into a website (iframes)? @lin_d_hop spoke of following something in ‘/cell’ and was able to embed using an iframe but nobody else could view it except her.

Are you able to provide some detail around how far down the path you are in developing this version of embedding, so we know what’s left to do to get it to done? Ta :slight_smile:

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Embed the shopfront in the hub’s website would definitely be something users need.
Then I think as you said @lin_d_hop removing all references and links to instance in emails, contacts between buyer and the hub. Sounds great :slight_smile:

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I did some work on embedding groups, but didn’t start on shopfront embedding. However, the groups embedding wasn’t too complex and seemed to produce reasonable results pretty quickly.

My work so far is in the thrive-groups-embed branch, which includes a demo of a couple of group pages.


@RohanM How do I go about reading more on how to embed groups. We have one group with a wordpress site (built on Avada 5 theme) that we would like to do this with, and the potential of others coming on board. Any tips on how I can do this? I have read the User Guide Groups section but do not see anything there.

Hi @CynthiaReynolds,

Group embedding was developed as a proof of concept, so it’s a bit rough around the edges and there is no documentation. At this point @lin_d_hop is probably your go to person to try it out.

Thanks :slight_smile:
@lin_d_hop I have managed to embed the groups page into our new website and it functions okay for the time being, but I am hoping to be able to embed a subset of the information instead of the entire site. We have our own headers, sticky menu and footers, so when showing the groups section all I am hoping to show in the long run is the tabbed section with map/about us/producers/hubs. Each hub will also have their own page that will have their shop either linked or embedded.
Can you show me a link to where you have embedded a group so I can see what functionality you have?
No rush, I know you guys have a lot going on :wink:

We haven’t embedded a group, I just had a wee look at Rohans changes.

ok thanks for the quick response, will have to just tweak things the best I can then :slight_smile: