What's New - v0.9 (150515)

For Customers


  • faster order processing
  • reset password email fixed
  • faster search responses and reset

For Enterprises


Editing and managing orders

  • Single order edit: see name; labels on variants when adding to order
  • If you add or remove items to the order from the admin interface, you can now recalculate the fees by hitting the ‘Update and Recalculate Fees’ button

  • you can still go into ‘Adjustments’ and edit or set fee to zero. If you recalculate fees they will be re-added.

  • Customer notes (entered in the checkout) are now visible from the Orders Index page

  • Once an order has been paid for, it can easily be shipped, either

    • using the button at the top of the edit order page
    • or using the new icon on the order summary page


  • report permissions updated to pick up some missing items for enterprises granting or receiving P-OC, see more here
  • Bulk order management - fixes and running much smoother, see more here


  • Add ref for country ISO codes

Next Up