What's New - v1.0 (150616)

IMPORTANT: Instance Administrators please see Tech section for important notes about data migration included in this release.

Continuing the discussion from What's New - v0.9 (draft - est 150501):

For Customers

  • hide long list of Producers in hub list ‘fat view’ will only show the first 7-8 and then ‘show more’
  • assorted ux fixes
  • reset password bug fixed
  • angular cloak fixed (so you don’t get garble for a couple of seconds while the page loads)
  • FASTER loading of all the main pages, more to come on the product loading on shopfront, but you should be able to see the difference, yay

For Enterprises


  • Bulk Product Edit:

    • Cloned product initially appears immediately below the base product
    • Save button at bottom as well as top of page
    • can see if there are Variant Overrides in place for this product (exclamation mark next to the variant)
    • ‘expand all’ button to open up and display all the variants
  • Orders Index page: can now filter by Order Cycle or Distributor (shop/hub)

  • Bulk Order Management: first version of ‘variable weights’ - if a meat producer adjusting amounts that are sold by the kg but not exactly 1kg, you can now show columns ‘weight / volume’ and price in Bulk Order Management. This enables you to adjust to the actual weight sold and have the price change accordingly. see Bulk Order Management

  • Customer Accounts Interface: accessible via admin/customers - you can now add / edit your customer codes and add tags to your Customers. Looks like this

  • Revamped Enterprise Management interface to for quicker and clearer management of packages, status etc of multiple enterprises

  • Access to User Guide from Dashboard and Enterprise Management panels

  • Access to Enterprise Relationships (E2E links) from Enterprises . . useability improvements coming soon.


  • reports and bulk order management - should be now working much better! faster and bug free
  • products & inventory report (filter by OC) fixed
  • Variant Overrides: now applicable to all product variants (not just those that have more than one variant). To do this, we have made all products have a variant (so only one if they previously had none).

For Groups

  • group owner can now set your own custom URL
  • profiles will pop up modals (information panels) from the Hub list page
  • enterprises cannot add themselves to Groups, only the group owner can add an enterprise to a group


Migration for ensuring that all products have at least one normal variant

As part of the development of variant overrides (and also to a lesser extent the implementation of enterprise relationships allowing alteration of others’ variants), it has been necessary to enforce the existence of at least one variant (other than master) for every product. This release includes a migration which essentially duplicates the master variant for every product with only a master variant. Any instance of the old master in any order cycle exchanges is then replaced with the new standard variant, and all associations to prices, options values, etc are duplicated/updated as required.

As a part of this migration it was necessary to clean up master variant data, to ensure that each could be easily duplicated as a standard variant (which have a slightly more strict set of validations applied to them). There are two clean-up procedures that are included in the migration:

  • Products without a variants_unit (ie. it was null or blank) are given a variant_unit of ‘items’ and a variant_unit_name of ‘each’.
  • Variants without a unit_value:
    • Where the description matched an integer or float followed by ‘g’ or ‘kg’ (eg. 2.5kg, 300g, etc.) are given an appropriate unit_value
  • Otherwise: master variants are given a unit_value of 1 prior to duplication

The effect that this migration will have on existing data should be understood by system admin and action taken to amend the migration if necessary.

Next Up

  • Redesign will be implemented for Aus site almost immediately in v1.1, and the changes required to make this customisable for different instances shortly after that in v1.2.

What’s the current estimate of when this will be released?

end of next week - friday 12 June. will update on github. We’re doing a couple of prod pushes a day though, so if you were to use the latest commit you’d get everything outlined above, adding more stuff in here as we go - lots of cleaning up for the magical and long awaited v1.0 release :smile:

@Kirsten we now have UK staging at v1.0 and I can see several of the features listed above on there, but not the “Revamped Enterprise Management interface” - it didnt seem to have changed. Any idea why that might be?