What's New - v0.7.3 (150130)

For Customers


  • New loading animation to replace ugly and large gif
  • Styling changes and tweaks on shopfront page, responding to user feedback e.g.: allow for new icons and hover state (detail); restyled price button for clearer close; pop-up visual indicator on hover over image thumbnail and product title
  • Price column styled differently once items in cart (for easier scanning)
  • Clarified ‘edit cart’ and ‘checkout’, notification about order/cart updating
  • Cart item total reflects total number of items in the cart (not number of products)

For Enterprises


  • You can create your own customised permalink - so that you can more easily link directly to your shopfront AND the link will not change / disappear . . . this means that you can create your own (easy to remember) link, and copy it directly from the browser to send to your customers
  • Create the link under Enterprises, edit Profile, Primary Details

    and it will appear exactly the same on the front . .

  • Your old links will redirect so you don’t need to worry about changing them, but from now on you can set your own and copy the link straight from the browser
  • For Producers, you can send people