What's New? - v.1.8 (160527)

Released on: 27th May 2016

Continuing the discussion from V1.7 and release V1.7.1

##For Super-Admin

  • Google analytics tracker G#991

##For Enterprises

  • Can set and save your default columns displayed in BOM, products, customers, inventory and enterprises.
  • The customer tagging feature has been improved. It now includes tagging inventory, payment methods and outgoing order cycle sections. This makes it possible to make certain order cycles, payment/shipping options visible to certain customers only. The default visibility/invisibility of a tag can also be changed from visible. D#505
  • Fees on payment methods have been added. They show in checkout, order confirmation and reports. G#898
  • Improved view of the admin customer interface G#933


  • Angular upgrade to V1.5.5 G#932

##Next Up
A dot point release will be coming by the end of next week, including the US english version of spree, improved layout for 405/400 error pages, fixes for i18n and improved progress bars.

I don’t suppose tagging can be used to display certain shipping methods only in some order cycles?

Hi @Oliver shipping methods can be tagged. You can then define whether these tagged shipping methods are visible or invisible by default. Then for certain customers you can reverse this default by creating a tag rule (making the shipping method specifically visible/invisible for them). So, at this stage if you want a certain shipping method to be only visible in a certain order cycle, you’ll also need to set up customer tags for all customers who shop in that order cycle. At this stage the tag relates to the customer, rather than the order cycle. I hope this makes sense. Here’s the user guide page relating to tagging - https://openfoodnetwork.org/user-guide/advanced-features/customer-accounts-and-tagging/

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