What’s New? - v.1.8.3 (160720)

Released on: 20th July 2016

Continuing the discussion from V1.8 and dot releases 1.8.1 and v1.8.2

##For Superadmin

  • An instances’s business model billing settings will now be automatically communicated to enterprises on their ‘select/change enterprise type’ screens, telling them how their bill will be calculated. G#1016

##For Customers

  • The shopfront and checkout loading speed has been improved by changing the way producer profiles associated with the shop are loaded G#1035

##For Enterprises

  • Visibility of Producer properties and product properties has been improved with the addition of Property badges to the producer profile modal. This includes profiles in groups. G#1069
  • The Order Cycle Customer Totals report had a column misalignment problem which has been corrected G#1066
  • The usability of the Customers page has been improved. Multi shop users are now able to flick between their customer lists for each shop G#591
  • A Paypal payment method fee bug has been corrected. Orders paid with a Paypal payment method which carry a fee will no longer have the fee applied twice. G#1074

##Next Up

  • Version 1.9 will include Standing Orders
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Unfortunately the Stroudco shop front is still quite slow and feels heavy/slugish to use. I’m hugely please with the improvements to the back end, where our order cycle page now saves ok. But I would hate to think that the shopfront speed issue is seen as resolved.

Here is a screen video of how I experience the shopfront.

Thanks Oliver. That’s a nice video showing the current state. I agree that the shopfront speed is still an issue. I think that the current bottle neck is the javascript processing in the browser.