What’s New? - v1.7 (160429)

Released on: April 29th 2016

Continuing the discussion from V1.6

##For Super-Admin

  • Add Delayed Job info to admin dashboard G#828
  • The default logos on a new instance have been corrected G#896
  • The OFN map has been changed to Open Street Map tiles. The database is still google, due to some address accuracy concerns with Open Street Map - G#844

##For Customers

  • The ‘item out of stock’ experience has been improved in the shopfront and cart G#828
  • Time for product loading in the shopfront has been reduced G#828

##For Enterprises

##Next Up
1.7.1 - this point release will include tagging and tag rules applied to payment methods, products and order cycles. It will also hold a bump to Angular JS and business model enhancements from Lyn.

Should the speed is improved? loading time is reduced?

That’s the second time I’ve done that! Thanks bing!