What’s New? - v.1.9

Released on: September 27th 2017

Continuing the discussion from v1.8.14

The major component in this release is an upgrade of Spree towards v2.0, we’re not there yet, but we’ve taken a big step forward.

For Customers


  • The shops filter was not displaying ‘profile only’ hub profiles. G#1835
  • At checkout shipping methods are now ordered by name which looks more logical G#1654

For Enterprises


  • The On Demand column is now displayed by default in Bulk Product Edit and Inventory. G#1817


  • Some small fixes relating to Paypal and the Spree upgrade G#1855
  • Fixes for Paypal related issues G#1074 and G#1837, which were causing transaction fees to be charged twice and paypal orders to not get marked as complete. G#1842
  • The ‘notify producers’ email now lists items in alphabetical and size order, which makes it more logical to read G#1709



  • Related to allowing lanugage switching in the user interface G#1572
  • Missing translations fixed on the New Product page G#1801, fixed with G#1814
  • Missing translations fixed on the Order Cycle pages G#1789
  • Translations fixed on Edit Product Page G#1815
  • Translations fixes on the new product page G#1792


Spree Upgrade

Next Up

  • Stripe!