What’s New? - v.1.10

Stripe Payments

The major part of this release is the addition of the Stripe payment gateway. There is a guide to setting up Stripe on your OFN instance here: https://github.com/openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork/wiki/Setting-up-Stripe-on-an-OFN-instance

Released on: October 20th 2017

Continuing the discussion from v1.9

For Customers


  • New Stripe-based credit card gateway
  • New look customer Account page


  • Shipping methods are sorted by name in the checkout G#1663 & G#1709
  • Transaction table on the Account page now displays in a consistent way G#1722 & G#1787

For Enterprises


  • ‘On demand’ columns now visible by default on product and inventory pages G#1118 & G#1817
  • Display errors on invoices for order with lots of items have been fixed G#1738 & G#1893
  • Product Edit Screen has been simplified G#1741 & G#1823



  • Currency localisation issues in the accounts page have been fixed G#1623 & G#1886
  • The enterprise registration process has now been fully translated G#1820
  • Various missing translations in the Admin section were added G#1847

For Groups


  • Group pages can be embedded on authorised websites G#1783 & G#1841

Next Up

Subscriptions, Multilingual, Email Confirmations

Is this really a v2.0? What big changes are coming to imply a major version change? Should it be v1.10? Just curious…

My bad, i’m not familiar with version numbering protocol

@danielle the issues/PR’s on the 1.10 milestone seems a bit lost :slight_smile: Should we move them to next dot release or back to backlog so they get into the pipeline?

Will haves look today and move them :slight_smile: