What's New? - v.1.10.1

Released on: Dec 06th 2017

Continuing the discussion from v1.10

For Customers


  • Confusing homepage redirect links have been removed from product thumbnails in the checkout G#1923

For Enterprises


  • Tooltips have been added in BEP G#1858


  • Tag rules have been fixed, now products can be shown/hidden for certain customers in the shopfront again G#1931



  • The decimal seperator behaviour has been updated to be more friendly to different use of ‘,’ and ‘.’ in prices. G#1982
  • Switch momentjs internationalisation according to I18n locale G#1819
  • UK has added a blog page to their menu G#1944
  • Feature/enable i18n fallback to en G#1915
  • Missing translations in new shipping methods page corrected G#1921


  • Change github definition to remove insecure protocol warning G#1986
  • Use Spree’s approach for preventing config caching when testing G#1904
  • Rspec upgrade G#1928
  • Fix before_filter for Spree::Admin::OrdersController#print_ticket G#1975
  • Remove TODO in favour of an issue in Github G#1962
  • Add noindex meta tag for invisible shops and staging environment G#1885
  • Turn TODO into issue #1957 G#1958
  • Add special keyword syntax to close issue from PR G#1956
  • Add spree user as admin of Enterprise 2 in seed G#1942
  • Bootstrap angular module in new_variant form G#1939
  • Remove upgrade_bundler script G#1952
  • Lower log level in prod to :info so we can debug G#1927
  • Add more development documentation G#1919

Great! @oeoeaio @maikel is en.yml updated on Transifex?

No, it wasn’t. We also discovered that our Transifex-Github integration was lost when we lost our CI server a month ago. So there have been no updates. But it should be all working now again. We also discussed making the master branch of en.yml available on Transifex for quicker translations. We then need to release more often, but we save this annoying updating of the transifex branch.