What’s New? - v.1.8.13 (170728)

Released on: July 28th 2017

Continuing the discussion from v1.8.12

For Customers


  • Previously there was excessive padding when viewing the homepage, producers and shops pages on a mobile. This fix removes some of the padding, improving the user experience. G#1704
  • Product variants were previously displayed in the shopfront in random order. This has been fixed by sorting them alphabetically and then by unit size. G#1652
  • In Australia the link to the Fair Food Forum has been fixed in welcome emails G#1549
  • Previously category and property badges were incorrectly showing as ‘clickable’. This clickability has been removed from badges on profiles viewed on the map G#1701

For Enterprises



  • Reports were previously not loading for producer-profile users, this has been fixed G#1526 PR#1739
  • Display errors from a translation PR were corrected G#1737



  • Translation work G#1569 and G#1643
  • Translation of the /welcome front end page G#1095
  • Translation of UK business/charity numbers G#1686
  • Some translations had to be removed as they changed some reports (Xero and LettuceShare) which have strict column title requirements for import into other platforms G#1735
  • The invoice generated in Edit Order > Print Invoice can be translated so it won’t say ‘GST’ for all instances PR#1684


  • A change related to versions of Bundler and Travis G#1641 G#1713
  • “Every month we should include all new translations in the master branch. Nothing to test, this can be simply merged before releasing.The Transifex branch should then be tagged with the -translated postfix.” G#1714
  • Exclude node_modules from rubocop analysis PR#1708
  • Remove zeus and guard-zeus from the bundle G#1706
  • Correct typo raised by Sergi PR#1680
  • Use indented style for multi-line method calls PR#1671
  • Doc why FinalizeAccount uses order objects PR#1662
  • Update code climate version PR#1661
  • Add github template for pull requests PR#1660
  • Bump eventmachine version to resolve openssl issue on macOS PR#1655
  • Fix zeus issue caused by location of ifram_test.html G#1736