[FEAT] Embeddable Shopfronts - Phase 1

This piece of work enables uses to embed an OFN shopfront in their website using an iframe. This is a MVP of embeddable shopfronts.

Key outcome is that it is not worth putting a vast amount of additional resource into this method of embeddable shopfront implementation. Iframes are not overly well supported by all browsers. However until we have the resources for full API upgrade this is the best method of embedding available.

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How do we get this back on the agenda? It’s something that we’ve told all of our users is possible, and now that it’s a delisted feature we have had to tell them it’s not - but the need is still there! We’ve had people who were waiting for this before they came onto the platform, they were just about to, now they won’t. I’d love to see it re-enter the prioritising.

thank you @Jen!! I’m echoing your thoughts here. We are just onboarding 5 enterprises here (several are quite small) but all have asked about embeddable shopfronts. I used to have this working for my own farm on my farm wordpress site. It stopped working recently when wordpress went to their new block editor. Given a lot of people have wordpress sites - maybe we can start with a description in the user guide on how to make it work there at least? I know this isn’t the whole issue - just a starting point. Better than nothing.

I think we need to prioritise something different as embedding is a false promise.

We should prioritise: Ability to place OFN orders via the API.

After that the functionality becomes plugins for webbuilding apps that drag and drop an OFN shop.
With a well documented API the shopfront plugin work could be outsourced to people in other countries via gig apps and could be developed cheaply. Plus bespoke integrations could be paid services that we offer.

Please let us never use the word EMBED again.