What’s New? - v.1.8.12

Released on: 30th June 2017

Continuing the discussion from v.1.8.11

For Super-Admin


  • As part of the ground work for enabling Shopfront Whitelabelling which will allow embedding shops in iframes on external sites, the login modal has been modified. When closed the modal will no longer redirect to the homepage.G#1637
  • Logo images of different sizes can now be used as the hompage logo without sizing issues. G#1605 NOTE, instances should check their logo with this release to make sure homepage logos are displaying/sized correctly @MyriamBoure @sreeharsha

For Customers


  • The spacing of the display of long enterprise names has been improved on the groups and producers directories. G#1471
  • The search tool on the shops directories will only return results that match the start of a sting of text. E.g. Typing ‘tea’ no longer returns the results ‘steak’. PR1545

For Enterprises


  • When entering their address, a user creating an enterprise profile will only see countries in the dropdown field that have been configured with states in that instance. G#1330 P1609. Further, there will be a default country for the instance. G#1334


  • The error message displayed to users who attempt to sign up with an existing user email has been improved and is now more helpful. G#1611 G#1639


  • Add style guide to the source locale G#1610
  • Remove unused spec support method PR1599

Upgrade notes

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