What’s New? - v.1.8.11 (160526)

Released on: May 26th 2017

Continuing the discussion from v1.8.10.

For Customers


  • Iphone user experience has been improved by removing a zoom action which didn’t unzoom. G#1503

For Enterprises


  • When editing products, the Units and Unit Scale fields were complex and it wasn’t clear if the user was dealing in g, Kg or T. This has been improved G#1452 G#1531
  • The French ticket printing feature has had some bugs fixed.G#1551 G#1540
  • There was a bug causing orders created in the back end to not take Inventory stock levels into account. This has been fixed. G#1527



  • Missing translations have been added. G#1519


  • Localising currency in tests G#1521
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