Using hyperlinks in product descriptions?

Right now a user can add hyperlinks in their ‘about’ and ‘shop preferences’ pages on their profile/dashboard. Has anyone else come across the need/utility for being able to use hyperlinks in product descriptions also? I have no idea if this is a big ask or not. But, I have several users who would find it VERY helpful. For example: a producer is selling some products with a ‘free-range’ label and they want to link to a website that describes its meaning. yes, we have the property attached the product - but that doesn’t help anyone know what it means. Or this week I had a group of producers who are donating 10% of sales for a particular product toward the start of a new sustainable food project. I can make them a group. I can collect (and soon) isolate the fees from those products. But they can’t link to this new project from the product description. Seems a bit odd that they can’t. Is there a reason we can’t insert hyperlinks into product descriptions? I’m sure I’m missing something. This could open up more ways of communicating with customers and helping customers take action for food system change I think. @MyriamBoure @NickWeir @Kirsten … ever had any request for this?

@tschumilas I agree it could be useful. We didn’t have requests from users in France but if you do have requests you can open a wishlist item that can then be prioritized. I think it’s a minor work as other test descriptors for enterprises have the button to add a hyperlink, but I’m not a dev, so maybe a dev can answer this :wink:

I think it would be good to have the same WYSIWYG functionality for all of the text inputs. I think this would make a good wishlist item @tschumilas… I would recommend people use it for all kinds of things, though i cant think of it being requested.

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Greetings. We would love to see this feature as we need it to create hyperlinks in text descriptors in Shipping and in Business details to redirect people for scheduled pickups of farm food. We are working with OFN USA

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This wishlist item ‘using hyperlinks in producct descriptions’ is complete (you can now hyperlink in a product description). What you are suggesting @farmtech is different. Its a good idea - could you make a wishlist item for this? We can also maybe get a sense if it would be a papercut?