Switching from Google to Open Street Map for address base

I started to investigate following discussion new paying Google Map API and also our will to try step by step to be more consistent.

Put a message on OSM forum to see if possible to find someone to help us when a user register an enterprise, to quickly and easily enable them to put a pin on the map if the address is not recognized.

It seems there are possible existing solutions:

It actually doesn’t seem so complicated, but I’m not a dev :wink: Here is how I see it:

  • We connect the OSM address base.
  • A user register an enterprise, type the address. If the address is not recognized by OSM base, modal page open with zoom already done depending on IP localization. and the pin is there ready to be put with a kind message “OFN contribute in enriching citizen mapping open source initiative Open Street Map. Please put the pin on our location !” and done.
  • Eventually we can add for those who want to go further two or three option fields proposed by OSM, like url.

I don’t know how priority this is depending on Google API cost. @maikel @Kirsten any idea on this? If no priority we can just open a wishlist and prioritize as anything. Actually even if priority we need to do that. So this is the wishlist, let’s discuss and I will open an icebox.

@Matt-Yorkley @sauloperez tell us what is the status of Google API and your opinion on this so we can evaluate the “warmness” of this need…

For Australia I created a billing account which basically means giving Google credit card details. They gave us some free credit for the next year which should cover all API costs. So this is not urgent for us. I can probably do the same for Canada. -> Wishlist

so as we’re not paying for api and it is our customers who will be most affected, I think you can assume Australia will be prioritising low low low :slight_smile:

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This sounds like a good plan if I understand correctly - by setting up a billing account, we get free credit for a while, and its enough to cover our api costs. So basically - solves the issue for now - and then we can see what it would cost when our credit runs out? If its that simple - then lets do so for Can too.