Summarise, adjust and place wholesale order

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Continuing the discussion from 'Networked e-commerce' overhaul [META]:

When a buying group and the wholesaler are both using OFN, the buying group would like a way to summarise / aggregate their customers’ orders and place this order with the wholesaler (e.g. FC) without leaving the system

We are imagining an interface that pulls up information similar to the bulk order management and bulk reports, so that the BG manager can

  • see total orders against each product / variant
    • choose whether to ‘sum’ the variants into one product or not
  • see the ‘groupbuy’ for each product, and how much they are over / under that amount
  • choose how many of the bulk product they want
  • place order within the system
    • nb. would include availability check at this point e.g. notifying BG user at this point if wholesaler stocks prevent them purchasing any of those items
    • question of what to be done about it - they would still need to then go and manually amend those customer orders using BOM

Buying group can continue selling surplus after placing wholesale order

i am considering using ofn for our food buying coop, but it seems many split features aren’t here, although you highlight some important ones above, here are a few more

once the BG manager has decided what is being ordered, they need to be able to update the BG user’s order with what was actually ordered. if 5 people order apples, but there is not enough to make a case, then 5 BG user orders need to be updated and the cost of apples removed.

in addition to this, sometimes produce arrives and it is spoiled or short quantity. we will typically get a credit for this, so need to be able to update the price of all BG user orders at that point, but only for this particular order cycle.


Same, suggest to close this for now given all new work done on network, and we need to open new specific wishlist for first things we want to implement (we talked about product chain prototype first). I would close this for now… if you agree @Kirsten