Buying group can continue selling surplus after placing wholesale order

Continuing the discussion from 'Networked e-commerce' overhaul [META]:

Once a buying group has placed their wholesale order, they may have additional units or stock that they want to keep available for sale. For example, they had orders for 8 jars of jam and decided to round up to 12 so that they could order the box. They then have 4 jars available in this order cycle . .

After placing the wholesale order, ideally their inventory list stock levels could be automatically updated with ‘surplus’ levels and the order cycle remain open until collection.

@sstead @maikel @oeoeaio - is it correct for me to think that with the work on standing orders it is now (will be) possible for someone to amend an existing order as long as the order cycle is still open?

This would be related to ability to see how many units are remaining / needed for the bulk purchase

Yes, that is the idea.

Same @Kirsten not sure this is still relevant after the investigation done on network… i think we can close.

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