Stock management need expressed by a user: reflexion in terms of integration?

I had a discussion with a hub manager who is launching and using OFFrance. He has a storage where he stock bigger amounts of products, as he is organizing BtoB and BtoC sales from producer, so doing wholesale and retail. He has the following needs regarding his stock manager:

  1. He needs to know in which location in the warehouse is a given product, so that:
    • when he prepares an order he knows where to go and pickup the product
    • when he does is stock inventory he can check in a given location if the products on site are consistent with the products stock in his computer, so he can reconcile and capture gaps (errors)
  2. He also need to receive alerts when products go below a certain level of stock, so he can make sure he refill properly his stock, and in time. So he needs to define minimum stock level for every product and receive an alert when products go below.
  3. He needs when preparing the order to be able to issue delivery note, and to be able to manage invoicing and reconciliation properly between ordered, delivered, etc.

He has identified this website to manage stock properly, but is also open to wortk with Odoo, or other proposals we might have. He wants to know how OFN can either integrate with such tools or internally propose something that enable proper stock management.

To be discussed in the integration reflexion and strategy… we have more and more users with such requests, we need to find answers to those requests…

Ping @luisramos0 @maikel @sauloperez @Kirsten hopefully we can discuss a bit about that sooner rather than later. Those professional users are what will also enable to find a sustainable business model for OFN.

This is a good example of logic that should sit outside OFN and integrate with our API. Warehouse management is not the core of OFN. Connections we need:

  • When the stock level in OFN is adjusted, it needs to be send to the stock management application. For example when an order is placed.
  • When stock levels in the stock management application are updated, it needs to update OFN.

Your third point about delivery notes and invoicing are a separate feature.

Closing as warehouse management seems to be better addressed OFN external