Square Payment Method

We’ve had a request from an Australian user who’d like to be able to use Square as a payment method.

The user has a Square credit card facility (swipe, chip and pay pass) that she takes to farmer’s markets to collect point of sale payments. They charge 1.8% which is an improvement on Paypal (and bank provided credit card facilities). She also likes that she can punch in credit card details over the phone - some of her customers don’t trust online payments.

Has anyone else heard interest from users regarding this payment method?

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not me - but i would like to hear more. thanks

Quite popular with farmers market vendors here in Ontario, Can. And - in fact, I was just considering using it for my plant sale this spring. So we’d use this option in OFN if it were integrated. Not sure how much it might cost to set this up - but I would put this on our Canadian wishlist to contribute to. We don’t have any money yet - but I’m writing proposals and hoping toward fall we will. @sstead

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I would strongly (!!!) advocate for PIN payments. We use it with our OFN payment gateway, and you can use at markets on iphones (and online orders). Australian company, low fees (1.5 - 1.8%). Square is often touted strongly - but OFN already has access to PIN ?

Overseas folks may struggle with this though. So Square may be a considered option?

Support Australian monies if you can! Can’t wait unti lthere is blockchain and alternative currencies … what a day that would be!

Getting renewed support for this Wishlist item today. We recently did a little outreach to out USA users, and square is hugely popular with farmers market vendors and MOST small businesses, due to their easy to use software, reports, and most significantly the low percentage. I think that the critical mass for this integration or payment gateway will gain momentum quickly as more users in the US seriously consider moving their commerce on to the OFN platform!
I am hoping that with a fresh set of out reach to potential users and supporters in the USA, that we will get some additional development support, and hopefully some monetary resources as well to put to this issue. Frankly shouldnt it be in square’s best interest to work on this with us since they would capture that percentage of sales money at checkout? Not sure how this world works but excited to see this move forward! For the sake of newbies like me who are about to join the conversation, can a more experienced OFN contributor inform us of the next steps and how to monitor the progress?


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Love to Bump this topic. USA users are definitely big advocates of Square Payments.
Our system uses it and would love to see it apart of the OFN payment system.

This is now superseeded by Square Integration [DRAFT]

I’m closing this one.