Spree Testing - Crowdtesting

Hi everyone,

If you’ve ever thought you might like to try testing, now is your chance :slight_smile: We need lots of hands on deck to scour the entire site for anything fishy, so the more the merrier!

Rohan is working on implementing a Spree upgrade. His latest work is currently on the OFN staging server, ready for testing- Staging2.openfood.com.au . It will be on staging from 9th Nov - 17th Nov Australia time.

It’s intended that this Spree upgrade will have no effect on existing functionality. However, it could have potentially ‘broken’ any part of the site (the front end, the back end, and all features). So to test this upgrade, we need to play with all of the site’s functionality on staging. If you spot anything that looks different, isn’t working properly or is displaying in an unusual way, put this in your testing notes below.

New to testing? Check out this page as an intro - Testing Handbook

I’ve broken up the testing into the following chunks, if you’re keen to help, claim and chunk and get started. Please make note of things you’ve tested, to avoid duplication.


  • Check that you can create a new producer shop enterprise. Add products, setup shipping and payment methods and open your order cycle. Check that your reports are working. Check that you can view, edit and create orders in the back end. See guide if it’s your first time - https://openfoodnetwork.org/user-guide/
    *Create a hub and do the same as above
  • Checkout in a shop like a customer would and make sure everything is working.


  • Check that customer list and tagging is working correctly.
  • Check that E2Es are working correctly.
  • Check that the inventory tool is working.
  • Check that private, member only shopfronts are working.
  • Check tax calculations.
  • As SuperAdmin, check that you can change the instance settings (only change things if you know how to put them back again). Includes if tax is inclusive/exclusive, the billing tool, content etc.
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@mags you might be interested

@mags - Do you have any capacity to mess about testing before Nov 17th? Would be great to try commit half a day here or more if you have it.

I just signed up on the Staging2 server, and will do some testing.
I will document my steps here if anyone wants to see what has been covered

@sstead if you add me as admin on the staging server I can check more features when I get a chance

@RohanM is this doable/possible?

Either that or just increase the number of enterprises I can create ( I must to be set at 1 now by default) then I can enable E2E relationships and test as a hub :wink:

Hi @CynthiaReynolds , I’ve made you superadmin, sorry I hadn’t thought of this. Thanks for testing!

I will also involve, test and document.
If possible add more privileges to access more features, cheers !!!

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Great! Create a user and let me know which email- i will give you permission to create >1 enterprise :slight_smile:

@mags just testing your notifications are working…

brilliant! will do my best not to break anything :wink: hehe

@lin_d_hop @sstead I might have some time later today, but if not will defo have time on either Tuesday or Wednesday to work on this!

@sstead my email id is nanoharsha@gmail.com .

Thanks! You’ve now got permission to create extra enterprises

@sstead I’ve just started testing this afternoon - you can read my testing notes here I’ve come across a couple of issues with images already, do you want me to create a Github issue for these, or are the notes enough?

What time on Thursday will this be running until? I am hoping to do more testing tonight (Tues UK) and then I’ll have all morning Thursday UK time to do more testing if that’s any help.

If you could upgrade my support@openfoodnetwork.org.uk account to more enterprises too please!

Thanks Mags! I have given support@ permission for additional enterprises. You can test until 10pm Thursday UK time. Notes should be enough, no need to create githib issues. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi Sally, I have tried to put in sometime today on testing. Would update this document, as I test. Do check this google doc for some of the issues I came across while testing.

Also there is a “Send Feedback” link at bottom right of page, where do all the errors reported using that reflect ?
would that also be an easy way , as it helps in higlighting which part of page is problematic, and also takes the page info dynamically !!

Thanks everyone for your feedback! I’ve gone through all of these and it turns out that they’re all problems unrelated to the Spree upgrade. A few of them are quite serious, so thanks for your help in identifying them.

There’s one part I had a question about. @CynthiaReynolds, you mentioned receiving an email when payments were captured. I couldn’t track down what should be happening there. Would you be able to screenshot and post one of the emails that you receive from the Norwegian server?

Hi @sreeharsha , We stopped using the BugHerd tool some time ago, because we found we had too many platforms to check- it’s better to keep discussions about bugs all in one place (Github).

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