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my bad @RohanM , I have been working at the same time on our instance and cancelling all the test orders and getting emails on each one, and was expecting one here for some reason or other… head in the clouds and multitasking is not always a good combination :wink: so you can just ignore that note.

Hi everyone, @Oliver @mags @CynthiaReynolds @sreeharsha @NickWeir @simoneluijckx please tag others who can help… especially people who want to get more familiar with OFN.

Thanks to the work of @enricostn, @RohanM and @sauloperez (and probably others), we have the next stage of the Spree Upgrade ready to be tested. The Spree Upgrade is a really vital development for the OFN, because lots of the features that we all want hinge on getting our Spree version upgraded (at least that’s my low-tech understanding).

The Spree Upgrade shouldn’t have changed anything on the site, but it could have broken anything… So we need a crowd of testers to search the entire site for any bugs! If you can put aside an hour or two for testing this would be a huge help. Please save me from testing the entire site alone :stuck_out_tongue:

The Spree Upgrade code will be available for testing until Friday the 30th June at 9am Melbourne time, at staging1.openfood.com.au
If you’re keen to test please post your email here or send me an email at hello@openfoodnetwork and I’ll make sure you have an account on Staging1 and that you have permission to create >1 enterprise (or give you superadmin if you like). Please note that when you get an email confirmation email from OFN, change the link from staging2.openfo… to staging1.openfood… the link is currently wrong, but if you change the one number it’ll confirm you properly.

What to test?
I’ve broken up the testing into the following chunks, if you’re keen to help, claim and chunk and get started. Please make note of things you’ve tested in a new discourse page under Developement and Testing categories. In your testing notes describe what things worked normally, and most importantly anything that wasn’t working properly. Screenshots are most helpful. For a basic intro into how to test see here - Testing Handbook


  • Check that you can create a new producer shop enterprise. Add products, setup shipping and payment methods and open your order cycle. Check that your reports are working. Check that you can view, edit and create orders in the back end. Are reports accurate? See guide if it’s your first time - https://openfoodnetwork.org/user-guide/
    *Create a hub and do the same as above
  • Act like a customer. Are the maps and directories working? Checkout in a shop like a customer would and make sure everything is working (email confirmations, totals, links etc)


  • Check that customer list and tagging is working correctly.
  • Check that E2Es are working correctly.
  • Check that the inventory tool is working.
  • Check that private, member only shopfronts are working.
  • Check that any other strange shop configuration you can think of works.
  • Check that changes to superadmin configuration works (billing, tax, etc).
  • Check that tax calculates correctly

Please ask any questions.
Thanks all!

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My Spree Upgrade testing notes - Spree Testing June 2017

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