Shops can require a minimum spend before customers can checkout

What is the need / problem

Shops need orders to be of a certain value to make them worthwhile.

Who does it impact

Shops who want to require a minimum order size

What is the current impact of this problem

Its difficult to communicate to customers that they need to spend a certain amount before checking out. As a result customers will place orders that have a low value - the shop either has to process the order (even though it’s not efficient for them) or they have to contact the customer and have an awkward conversation.

What is the benefit in focusing on this

This feature would be widely used and appreciated by current and future users. It’s a relatively easy win.

Potential solutions that will solve this problem

  • When a customer tries to checkout before they have reached a cart value threshold they’re given a dialogue box telling them about this policy. They’re prevented from checking out until the shop’s defined minimum spend is reached.

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Metrics to measure if need is well satisfied after feature has been implemented


Feature owners :

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Epic and/or project board where you can follow implementation

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@sstead should we close the GH issue now that we have an Icebox item?

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A “transparent” means to solve the issue could be to add an explicit “tiny order operations fee” in the shop commmissions, with fix rate per order (or other computation formula already available)

This commission would only kick in if the threshold order value is not reached, and it’s name could be made explicit enough that the buyers understands the reason thereof. It could for instance be named “additional operation costs for single order under 25€”.

not sure I understand @berteh - this sounds like the ‘price sac’ method of calculating a fee - which we have.

This is a round-a-bout way to ensure a minimum - in that the user can make sure the fee for limited orders is high. But with this, the buyer only sees this at checkout (this fee can’t be calculated for the shopfront because it depends on the quantity ordered). so by then, if the shopper balks at the fee, they have to abandon their cart. Be ice if they were prompted before checkout that they haven’t met the minimum.

Indeed @tschumilas, “price sack” is exactly the mechanism I described with bad words.

The potential solution states: “When a customer tries to checkout” … and from there I tought there is no need for another specific mechanism since the (reverse) price sack fee for tiny order extra costs will be seen directly when clicking on “checkout”.

They always have the choice to change quantities, add products, or drop the cart… just like they would with another warning mechanism.

If communicating is the issue I’d write a few lines in the “about” shop description.

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Excellent thinking Berteh!! I think we should put this in the user guide as an option / workaround . .@sstead could you take @emily through doing this?

@EmilyRogers could you check if this is in the user guide and if not put it in there? Thanks :slight_smile:

I need to see an example of a reverse price sack application too!!! Love to see it in the user guide.