Shipment and payment state

A description of how to change the shipment state and payment state of an order is included in the user guide orders page.

The fact that shipping cannot occur until payment has been received may be problematic for businesses who offer 30 day terms

This issue has implications for what the customer sees if they login and try to view their past orders. Past orders should show a ‘shipped’ status.

Can I mark an order as shipped if it hasn’t yet received payment (i.e. pay by invoice, on terms, COD but haven’t “received” check yet in accounting department)?

Can I mark an order as shipped if order cycle has not yet closed?

@tschumilas @sstead

Unfortunately the answer to the first question is no. The system has the inflexible logic that an order must be paid for before it can be shipped. Regarding the second question, yes you can, as long as it’s marked as paid.