Set-up and sharing of Wholesalers or Producers with large stock lists

####1. Create Enterprise and underlying (core) stock list

Fill out the Products and Variants wanted / needed by all users (this will be iterative, but do first with the current buyers)

To do this, OFN needs to set the following permissions for all hubs that want to access this wholesaler or producers

  • temporary access to create products and variants that you need. Please search carefully before creating new ones to make sure they’re not already there
  • access to add wholesaler to your order cycles (P-OC)
  • access to create variant overrides, which enable you to manage your own prices and stock levels on variants - effectively maintaining your own inventory, independent of the underlying source (P-VO)

NB. while this process is underway, all buyers will have more products and variants in your Products listing than you actually want to use. Do NOT delete any products or variants, as they will likely have been put there or are in use by someone else

####2. Upgrade inventory handling

We’re upgrading inventory handling to deal with this - see spec here

####3. If / when necessary, OFN or enterprise ‘owner’ to contact producer re. ongoing ownership and management

Once we have this sorted, we will contact wholesaler or producer and let them know what is happening. If they want to take on ‘ownership’ of the enterprise they can, but if not, we can then work out who is best to hold primary responsibility (e.g. who will handle requests or permission enabling for addition or editing of core products / variants)

####4. OFN to keep updating this page with agreed process for managing this situation :smile:

Hi there! Just a question, how do you ensure that there won’t be duplicates for a producer?
For example:

  • hub 1 creates the producer MiamMiam, add products, etc.
  • hub 2 some days later creates the same producer, with the same address (he has not checked it the producer was already here, or he doesn’t know he is supposed to ask to be linked to that producer)…
    Is there any control / warning message if you create another producer with a similar name / address, with a message saying “Please ask us to link you to that producer by writting at” (for Norway)?
    I really don’t see how we are going to prevent users to recreate existing entreprises, and manage not to have duplicates…
    Any idea @Kirsten? How do you deal with that in Australia? Or in UK @NickWeir?
    Ping @Olivier, @CynthiaReynolds and @sigmundpetersen for info.
    Maybe @elf-pavlik and @Selmo that is a good use-case to work on an open-standard database :wink:

I thought we had done this (so that when you tried to set up a new enterprise with the same name you got a warning that there was already one with that name), but I had this happen in Aus the other day and just tested staging and it’s not happening. Will check with @oeoeaio whether I am going mad or whether perhaps the commit got lost . .

yep it would be great to have a open-standard thing around this, so that ‘this farm’ on one system is the same as ‘this farm’ on another, or they’re at least linked somehow

Seems to be working for me locally using production data?

Ah ha - but is not on the front end - so people can duplicate without
knowing from /register

@oeoeaio, it seems that it works both on back and front end:

But how can we change the message displayed? So that it is in Norwegian, but also so that it indicates not only “if you want to claim ownership please contact the current manager” but also “if you want either to claim ownership or to be able to distribute this entreprise’s products, please contact blablabla”

Also I think the current implementation doesn’t really solve the problem, as most of the time, what happens is there is a small difference in the way the name is spelt, either a error, or also I think the company is called for example “Baker Beens”, if I write “The Baker Beens” it’s another entreprise… in Discourse there is a recognition of “similar names”, isn’t that possible to have those kind of models? Or else, have a multiple control, not only on name but also on the address and if there is another entreprise on this address, ask “did you mean THIS entreprise?”

Should I add that to the wishlist? Anyway the problem won’t happen if the producers manage their own inventories, but if hubs manage producers inventories, that might happen that they want to create a producer that already exists in the platform… let me know if you already have any feedback on that point :slight_smile: