[PROJ] OFN User Guide to Gitbook

We are trying out Gitbook as the new home and management system for the OFN User Guide. We require a small bit of dev input to install some plug-ins for features we need, so that the user guide people can test it out properly and see if it will do the job.

People working on this project:

Local instance managing the work: Aus, for OFN CC
Product Owner: @sstead
Project manager: @simoneluijckx @Kirsten
Lead developer: TBC
Additional developers:
Code reviewer: NA
Tester: @simoneluijckx @sstead @CynthiaReynolds @MyriamBoure @tschumilas others?
Other interested parties:

Where to get information about the project

Scope specification

Conversations here

Project management

Gitbook used for management and editing of content

  • Gitbook for READING e.g. this is what our User Guide would / will look like
  • Gitbook for editing NB. You need to be invited as collaborator to do so - please ping me if you haven’t been and need to be

This is synced with github, so changes can also be made there

Project team slack channel



NA, if a bit needed will pull from OFN CC

User guide


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