Product images can be uploaded with 'drag and drop'

Relates to Bulk Product Import - Pt 2 but I’m wondering if there’s a small change that might make a big difference in the meantime

Even if images were to be included in the product import they would still need to be linked to csv rows, organised in directories, uploaded somewhere to do. It seems that there is going to be a fair bit of work messing around with the images whichever way you do it

If we just made the bulk product image field ‘drag and drop’ then it would be a relatively simple task to visually put them in the right places. It might end up taking a whole lot less work than trying to get the right file names linked etc

And it would be good even if not doing a bulk product upload!

We do image drag and drop in the enterprise registration process so it can’t be rocket science . .

Thoughts @lin_d_hop @Matt-Yorkley @MyriamBoure @maikel @luisramos0 @sauloperez @kristinalim?

Good idea @Kirsten ! I’m jut wondering about image resizing as well, it’s important to make sure that the image is correctly automatically resized or cut. I think that’s still quite a pain point for some users who need to modify each image on by one to the square format before importing, else the image was treated inappropriately. See this draft icebox: Improve product images display in shop (connected but different need)

Most product import solutions like Shopify and Magento accept URLs pointing to images already stored somewhere else. While this could be a nice feature, I like your focus on finding a better solution for the general problem. A drag and drop solution with cropping functionality within the OFN user interface sounds like the best solution. Most people have the images stored on a disk or private cloud storage from where it can’t be imported automatically. For most people, it will always be a manual process. Validating that it looks right at the displayed size is part of that process.

There are some nice Javascript libraries to work with images before they are uploaded. That can make it faster as well (less data after cropping and resizing).

ok, I was wondering about trying to accelerate this into tonight’s voting but I think there are too many tangly bits, and we will need to make a decision about new customer / shop UX and look at how best to handle these images and what can be done re-auto-cropping etc . . so on hold sadly

I feel your haste and excitement!