Priorities for April > June 2018 (Q2)

1- Results of dot voting

- Be a single cohesive OFN unit:
Most of the items here had been prioritized for Q1 already.
- Build the network for the OFN:
Ability to create “derivated/coumpound products” without loosing traceability have had the higher votes.
- Future proof the tech platform:
The main priority here remains for everyone “upgrade dependencies” = Spree upgrade, which was kickstarted in Q1 but most of it will happen in Q2.
Also, data protection (GDPR) related issues have been prioritized by quite a lot of people (cookies validation + data management and deletion).
Last point that had high votes was implementing a good tool to get logs and be able to monitor correctly the app.
- Make what we have great:
Most voted items were:

  • the legal compliance regarding invoicing features, which includes being able to manage order amendments and issue delivery notes.
  • enable going through the whole ordering process on mobile

2- Curation team’ outputs: the priorities for quarter X

- Be a single cohesive OFN unit:
Some of the things started in Q1 where not finished yet, so we re-prioritized the remaining important action items and added one on global communication (not the same people working on it so not taking time of developers):

- Build the network for the OFN:
Curation team added to the Q2 roadmap an action item to run a first inception and propose a plan to implement the new network feature.

- Future proof the tech platform:
Biggest priority for Q2 is Spree upgrade.
Curation team also included in the Q2 pipe the item on “cookies policy”.

- Make what we have great:
Curation team has included in Q2 pipe a first inception on delivery note / how to issue legal invoices.
Fix accessibility of reports page, which were prioritized in Q1, has not been done so has been placed again in Q2.
First iteration on mobile shopping includes listing first quick wins from previous recommendations and agree on some first stories to push through delivery pipe.
Curation team also proposed to include smaller less prioritary stories for occasional contributors, like adding a new payment system that is wanted by various users and paid for by those users (Paybox). But others small items could be pushed through the pipe depending on how things move forward.

- Still remaining from last year:

@MyriamBoure - can you clarify for me the next steps for 2 of the above priorities please:
Invoicing: incept and propose an approach, and Fix Reports. I’d like to figure out what is included in these issues because I have two very interested local hubs and I’m trying to represent their interests and balance those with global interests.

@tschumilas it is not super clear I agree :wink:
The first point is about delivery note / capture differences between ordered and delivered and enable invoice to be issued on what is actually delivered and not what is ordered and show the difference. With some “locking” process like: I can’t modify anymore the original order if I have issues the delivery note and can’t modify the delivery note if invoice has been issued. The way we work is both confusing for users, prevent hub managers to track and manage those changes properly and make us all illegal on invoicing side as we issue invoices with same numbers and different contents. Most of the inception work has been done already and we have started sharing on it on discourse (look at delivery note things). It is going to be done in Q3.
Fix reports has been done already, it was just a very first need “enable hub managers to access the reports page” so this is done already. We know there is still a lot of work to do on reports, this was just a first priority, we will need to prioritize other needs related to reports later one.

OK - I just wanted to make sure the fee reports issues I’ve been working with @Kirsten on are not duplicated. It felt to me like there were a lot of fees-related projects and I was just trying to keep them straight. Re: the delivery note - I’m happy with this feature, but it is not exactly my issue. One of our hubs (Bailey’s) is switching to OFN from a proprietary system. In their system, they have a lot of experience with packing orders and associated system design. They are really disappointed with our packing slips and associated process, and their packers are finding it really frustrating to switch. There are some suggestions they have to make our order filling processes more efficient. so I was trying to figure out where I could offer their ideas.