Print a receipt in a POS use of OFN

One of our user is willing to use OFN to manage a POS on top of the 3 hubs he already manages on the OFN.

He needs to be able to print for individual customers in the POS a receipt (compulsory in France if amount > 15,24€ including tax)
The receipt should include the following info:

  • name and address of the shop
  • date of sale
  • list of products sold and for each, quantity, unit price (including tax) and price total for the product of more than one
  • the total sum to pay (including tax)
  • and the details concerning VAT (one line per VAT rate) and the total without VAT

Here is an example of the form of the receipt we would be able to print from the OFN:

I’ll open an issue on Github on that, but happy to hear if other have the same need.

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I opened a Github issue:

Closing and archiving as this has been done since ages.