Price Transparency to Customer

A core differentiator of the Open Food Network is the ability for users to see how much the Producer is getting paid, and where value is being created through the work of local food enterprises in their community.

OFN makes this information accessible through the ‘pie chart’ pop-up on the Shopfront page

We are finding that new Enterprise users can find this feature confronting, or confusing, and would prefer not to have it active. Let’s have a conversation here about how to handle price transparency in a way that feels good for all involved . .

Some possibilities that have been raised:

  • Change the titles on the pop-up to something friendlier e.g.
  • Give Enterprise more ability to explain e.g. display the Enterprise fee title rather than the generic ‘Admin’
  • Give Enterprise that runs the Shopfront the ability to show / hide these indicators
  • Move indicators into the Product pop-up so they’re ‘more information’ rather than in the main ordering flow