Paypal credentials in plain text

After running several live cycle with only bank transfer as payment method we have decided to move forward and check other payment options. So now we have configured and tested successfully the Paypal payment mode - worked like a charm :smile: . Thanks to whoever developed this feature!

But now when I go into the Payment Method details i see that all info is there in plain text, API login, password and signature…!

  1. Front-end: these values should probably be hidden with copy paste disabled? As when you register your credit card details on a website, when you come and check later, most digits are hidden.
  2. Back-end: if they are displayed in plain text, are they also stored in plain text? Hopefully they are encrypted…

@RohanM @maikel


I think you are right that the credentials should be hidden by default. But this is not a feature we developed. I guess the code is in the gem spree_paypal_express.

The application needs the credentials in plain text independent of the way they are stored. Storing them encrypted would gain a little bit more security but not that much. Especially in our setup that has the application and the database on the same server. If the server is compromised, the credentials are compromised.

Thanks for the feedback. Moved to OFN Norway Backlog

Hi @Olivier :relaxed:

We’ll need you to log this in GitHub as an issue that needs to be resolved, please. This is the way that all bugs or problems that are discovered working with the code base are managed, and we have written up a process for reporting them to make things easier - Getting help or reporting bugs

The Norway Backlog page is the place where we (OFN AU) get an understanding of when you would like assistance or want us to work on particular issues that are in GitHub, or are written up as Wishlist items on Discourse. So once you’ve created the GitHub issue can you please add a link to it on the Backlog page?


Done @danielle, issues created on GitHub and reference added to the Bakclog :slight_smile:

@Olivier @CynthiaReynolds we have started working on this, however it’s not as easy as first expected.

Note from @maikel that was added on GitHub:

I worked on this today and these input fields are very deep within the Spree software. Hiding the password and the signature would need a lot more time. But I have a version that hides the password. For anything more advanced, I would vote for upgrading Spree.

Can you please let us know whether just hiding the password is enough for now? We’re in the process of trying to get the Spree upgrade funded by the global community (@serenity and @MyriamBoure are working on this), so hopefully it can be done in the coming months.

Only having the password hidden should be fine

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Great, thanks @Olivier. @maikel, full steam ahead! :smiley:

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