Getting help or reporting bugs

Having trouble with something in the Open Food Network? Wondering how something works, or discovered a bug? Post your inquiry here and someone from the community or OFN support team will respond!

If you have a question about how to do something, make your title start with “Question:”.

If it is about something that doesn’t work on the website, make your title start with “Bug:”

IMPORTANT: The process for submitting and managing bugs

So, in your travels you’ve found something on the website that you don’t understand or doesn’t work. How annoying! :frowning:

We want to make sure we can fix it as soon as possible, especially if it’s something that is stopping you from using the website or completing the task you’ve come to do.

Here’s what we need you to do, in order for us to do that:

1. Check whether the bug has been reported before

To do this:

  • Check on here if someone has added a topic by either looking through the list of topics in the Support Category, or do a search for keywords that describe the problem you’re having.

  • Check on GitHub if someone has added a topic by doing a search for keywords that describe the problem you’re having.

If you don’t find your particular bug in either place, then it’s time to add it!

2. Adding a bug to the backlog

To do this:

  • Create a new topic on here, using the “Support” category

  • Be sure to add enough detail for us to be able to understand the problem, and to try and replicate it. In your topic, please include steps for how we can reproduce the error - how did it occur? Which browser were you using and on what kind of device? Be sure to only describe one bug per topic so that we can deal with each of them individually.

  • Explain the severity of the bug in the title of the topic. Is it a critical issue, where you can’t complete your task and move to the next step or you get a major error and see Grumpy Cat? Is it an important issue, where it’s having a big impact on the viability of the the site even though it’s not stopping you from completing your task? Or is it a minor issue that is more of an annoyance and doesn’t need to be fixed straight away.