OuiShare 2017 - OFN get together?

OuiShare has just announced the dates for next years Fest: July 5-7 in Paris

It would be great to see if we could gather some OFN people to come and have a chance to meet face to face.

It might even be possible to apply for mobility funding (to gather the network) if anyone is interested in working on that.
I just booked my ticket, and would not miss it for the world, hope to see some of you there :slight_smile:

ping @MyriamBoure @pmackay


I’m thinking about it. Maybe

I’m thinking about it too. Maybe :slight_smile:

That would be amazing! @Kirsten @danielle :slight_smile:
@tschumilas any chance you feel like joining? I met a few Canadians there last year :wink:

This would be so amazing - and I have a gut feeling there may be some budget money to help me get there because I don’t have other conferences planned for 2017. Will explore…

good luck @tschumilas :slight_smile: would love to meet you in person!
The Fest is like nothing else, this will be my third time and I have already arranged to met up with people I met last year, crazy network of amazing people!

Good idea @CynthiaReynolds :slight_smile: I’m not yet clear about the format of the OS Fest this year, it’s changing a bit, new location, and the topic will be around “cities”. I have already said that we can’t talk about cities without talking about the relationship to countryside and proposed to invite Carlyn Steel (hungry cities) and organize various round tables about what food we want for cities tomorrow. Will let you know when it move forward, the fest will be end of June this year, a bit later than usual.
If we want to take the opportunity to organize a 2-3-4 days global OFN retreat I could definitely find a nice location less than 2 hours from Paris, in the countryside or around the see, and I can also organize some visits to super cool farms :slight_smile:


I am certainly interested :slight_smile: No chance to book a place now, cashflow too tight, but will be thinking about it…

Looking more and more likely that there’ll be a decent representation from OFN Australia at the conference this year. And the visit is likely to coincide with the lovely @serenity’s big 4-0 birthday…so yet another reason for the OFN global collective to gather and celebrate :smiley:

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@MyriamBoure @CynthiaReynolds @Kirsten @danielle @pmackay - It seems that it is very likely that I can get budget support to come to a meeting in Paris - Oui Share plus an OFN ‘retreat’ following, or just an OFN retreat perhaps.

But I need to confirm my arrangements in the next week or so.

So I’m wondering where others are at - should we at least agree on a hotel and rough dates for a meeting? Who else is ‘in’?

@tschumilas they have just announced the new venue and program, you can more about it here: http://paris.ouisharefest.com/
I am attending, but have not planned any more than buying my ticket for the fest so far.
Will be great to meet you in person :slight_smile:

I have persuaded @serenity and we are in :slight_smile: with Charlie. We are planning to spend a couple of extra weeks in europe, as cheaply as possible, visiting perhaps some other OFN people (we’ve never been to norway @cynthiareynolds . . ) and spending some time in person with partners on european projects @janina @myriamboure and also we’re keen to visit the most inspiring amazing radical farms / communities etc - open to suggestions :slight_smile:

We will have no special budget to do this so anyone who has ideas that don’t cost money will be ace!!

of course including time in the uk, forgot to say, is a given :slight_smile: @NickWeir @lin_d_hop

I’m also pretty sure that I’m in! Nothing set in stone yet, but would like to come over from mid June and stay in Europe till the weekend after the Ouishare conference. Will need to be back in Australia in July for other work commitments so my preference is for catchups to be before the conference rather than afterwards.

I’ll definitely be in the UK beforehand, and hope to have some holiday time somewhere in amongst all the OFN fun!

Am also in the same position as @Kirsten and @serenity in that I’m self-funding this so as cheaply as possible is my requirement too :slight_smile:

@Kirsten @serenity you guys are welcome to come to Norway, lots of room for you to stay here - and very child friendly! :slight_smile: We are just across the water from Oslo and summer is the time to visit!

@danielle let us know if you are in the neighbourhood while in Europe :slight_smile: you are of course welcome as well!

We are still working out our family schedule for the summer, and have a tentative trip planned in mid July with visitors popping in and out for the summer, So I am hoping to plan out my dates sooner rather than later.

@Kirsten Big like!! I’m thinking of some time in Aus next Christmas, with a Melbourne stint of course :smiley:

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Great!. You are all very welcome to stay with us in Stroud.for as long as you like. We will be away on holiday in France from 17th June to 6th July inclusive.

is it possible to firm up some dates - either pre or post oui share that we designate for OFN ‘retreat’ of sorts? We can figure out location and travel logistics later - but it would help me to know if I’m booking a flight to stay before or after oui share (because I really can’t spend the time to do both - busiest time on the farm for me.)

@Kirsten and @serenity and I chatted about this @tschumilas and we think a post-ouishare catch up is the best timing for us.

Sad news - as it turns out I won’t be able to meet you all in Paris. My sister is coming for a visit then - she lives up in northern Canada and so I rarely see her. But I"m hopeful about another time - somewhere :wink: