OFN v2 release sign off

v2 is quite a large long lived branch so we should be careful about when to consider it ready to be merged.

On the last Spree Upgrade catch up we agreed it should be considered done when all PRs in transit (status in dev, code review and testing) are merged.

I’m putting the specific list of PRs here so we can track progress:

3725, 3653, 3672, 3689, 3695, 3701, 3717, 3589, 3651, 3641

This is the dev perspective. I am creating this thread so this is now managed from a testing and product perspective. So, for any other issues that you think must be solved before v2 is released, please make a comment in this thread so we can agree.

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S2s raised meanwhile:

One new mandatory PR for v2:

all issues fixed, v2 is live :tada:
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Yes there’s both Close and Archive. I think @MyriamBoure can elevate you to Moderator so you can do it in the future :wink:

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awesome, thanks. I archived this thread.