OFN Organizational Vision - Request for Feedback

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Hello everyone,

the objective of our GG OFN Vision sessions was to create an organizational vision statement that we got to about 90% :slight_smile:

We would like to ask people who did not attend the session (or who needed to leave the session early) for their thoughts to help refining and clarifying some open questions

Optional Vision statements:

1a) Powering (fair and transparent) (food) supply networks that reconnect communities and regenerate the earth.

1b ) A world where (fair and transparent) (food) supply networks reconnect communities and regenerate the earth.

2 ) Regenerating the planet and connecting communities through (fair and transparent) (food) supply networks.

Open Questions

  • Should “food” be included in the vision statement or not? Can it be replaced by “produce” or what could be an alternative? The background for this was that even though we are called ‘Open Food Network’ there are many that use OFN to sell non-food produce and crafts. Is ‘food’ inclusive of that?
  • Should fairness & transparency be included in the vision statement (or can be in the mission statement)
  • Phrasing
    • “Connecting” or “reconnecting” communities?
    • Powering (1a) or “A world where” (1b)

Before asking you for your votes and thoughts we would like to highlight the difference between Vision & Mission Statement and describe the process how they have been created.

Vision statement:

  • The vision statement focuses on tomorrow and what the organization wants to become
  • It helps your organization to focus on what matters the most and invites innovation. It is aspirational and inspirational
  • The DREAMING piece — if everything goes right, this is how your organization will change the world

Mission statement:

  • The mission statement focuses on today. It is a combination of what your organization does, how, and why you do it
  • The DOING piece — it describes how you act, who you serve, what you serve and how you do it every day.

The mission describes the company’s reason for existing and the vision helps encourage success for the present and the future.

Both of them are intertwined, as

  • the vision statement is a static mental picture of what you want to achieve, the mission statement is a dynamic process of how the vision will be accomplished

  • Elements of Mission and Vision Statements are often combined to provide a statement of the company’s purposes, goals and values

The process / steps to derive the statements

  1. Based on the vision statements that everyone wrote individually before or during the Vision I session, themes & values were identified (see Miro Board or the Session´s Google Doc) or added during the Vision II session if important values were missed
  2. These 30 themes were prioritized via a voting (each participant had 3 votes) and the following topics were considered to be most important amongst participants to be included in the statement

Themes/Values prioritized:

  • Sustainability / Regenerating
  • Community/Connecting
  • Fairness / Transparency
  • Short Supply Chains
  1. Based on these 4 themes the vision statements were created and the 2.5 mentioned above favorited

I ll post them separately below this post, so people can simply heart their favorite and comment on the other open questions.

1a) Powering (fair and transparent) (food) supply networks that reconnect communities and regenerate the earth.


1b) A world where (fair and transparent) (food) supply networks reconnect communities and regenerate the earth.

  1. Regenerating the planet and connecting communities through (fair and transparent) (food) supply networks.

Hello, thanks for the post Jana!

I voted 1b above: “A world where”

re open questions I vote:

  • include food
  • include fairness & transparency
  • use “reconnecting” :heart:

I selected ‘Powering’ because I feel enthused about having one sentence that captures the essence of it, and this is more active, we are in it, it is about the vision for what our organisation can become - not just external of us

Open questions I vote:

  • I think yes to ‘food’ as we’re a bit unanchored without it, and it doesn’t mean we preclude other things. Without food we are just ‘Open Network’ which could be anything
  • include fairness and transparency for same reason - one sentence that captures the essence. Not needing to also include mission to capture what we really mean
  • prefer reconnecting

I choose 1b as a vision, because I think that’s more of a vision as opposed to naming our place in it, which I see as the 1a option. Or I suppose it’s a combination of both: ‘A world where we are powering…’

I think yes to fair and transparent. I also think better to say earth than planet due to the dual meaning of earth = planet and soil

I think connecting rather than reconnecting, as we want to form new connections that have never existed in the world before.

I think my actual vision is more than food, so an honest vision would not include that word, but I think the reality is that the point of writing a vision is to communicate it to an audience, so if we were communicating this now then I would pretty much always say food.

I chose 1b*, because, to me, Vision is about how I see not what we do (the action of powering). Action should be in the Mission statement

  • include : food / local / locally produced - I would prefer to be broader as food as it seems food is not the only good the portal deal with
  • include fairness & transparency - I ould prefer “fair and open” as it includes transparency and also refers to opensource (reusing, shareable, improbable…)
  • no opinion on connecting/ reconnecting

I must add, I don’t like the “community” term and would prefer “people” instead.
“A world where fair an open food supply networks (re)connect people and regenerate the earth”

I chose 2 because following the methodology Collins and Porras, the best I’ve studied for such definition, is the nearest approach :

Core purpose
To regenerate the planet and connect communities

Core values

  • Transparency
  • Fair

I like fair and ‘open’ (instead of transparent) - for reasons noted above
I like the term ‘earth’ vs planet for reasons above
I would like to change ‘supply’ - because it conveys a one-way direction, versus networks .
I favour connect versus re-connect - for reasons above
I wish we didn’t have to include food - but I understand if people think we do - and then, I’d try to add ‘farming’ or something …
A world where fair and open food and farming networks connect people and regenerate the earth?

its not a big deal for me, and certainly not a consensus block.

Here’s an idea to get around the ‘food’ word:

A world in which every harvest reconnects communities and regenerates the Earth.


  • ‘Powering’ is more of a doing word so let’s put that in the mission.
  • I don’t mind if folks aren’t into this, but I don’t find any of the existing options inspiring. Happy to abstain. Definitely will not block
  • I want to not say ‘food’. I feel this is important to agroecology and food sov
  • Unless we say food, the phrase ‘supply networks’ will not make sense
  • I spent LONG TIME thinking about how to get around the word ‘food’ elegantly… and came up with ‘harvest’.
  • Reconnect or connect… I’m so in two minds about this…
  • Let’s expand on supply networks in the mission… we dream and then we do. Can we talk supply networks specifically in the ‘doing’?

In fact, can we strip further to:
Every harvest can reconnect communities and regenerate the Earth.

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Strange - I"m sure I commented and now I don’t see it. some kind of weirdness.

I LOVE this phrase - harvest evokes great emotion (and you might be interested to know that in Greek my name - Theresa - means harvest) :upside_down_face: I might drop the ‘can’ - and the ‘re’ – Every harvest reconnects communities and regenerates the Earth. We could be even more ‘inclusive’ of makers who don’t harvest if we tweaked… Every act of making and harvesting reconnects communities and regenerates the Earth.


I’m also a fan of ‘harvest’ if only because it sounds wonderful in my west-country UK accent.

Thanks everyone who voted and commented so far!

So far it looks like

  • 1b) is favorite
  • clear tendency to include fair & transparent (with suggestion to use open instead of transparent)
  • no clear tendency between connecting vs. reconnecting

Regarding @lin_d_hop @tschumilas proposal(s) I just want to remind that the idea was to have a “final vote” on the three statements that have been created by a wider group during the vision session to come to a statement that is agreed (or not disagreed) on for everyone.
So I would try to stay as close as possible to those options because not sure if we reach everyone involved in those sessions with this post to get feedback on a new version.

My opinion:

  • I agree with @Thomas on preferring “people” over communities, that sounds more like including “everyone”
  • Prefer fair and open (instead of transparent) for reasons above
  • in between reconnecting and connecting, because the first is more about bringing back together what used to be while connecting is related to building new networks and more future-oriented. So slight tendency to connecting, but no strong opinion
  • even if I personally like harvest, I think food is easier to understand for non native speakers and as @tschumilas mentions: harvest does not include makers, in case replacing/leaving out food is an attempt to be more inclusive of other produce
  • agree with @lin_d_hop that supply networks could go more into the mission, the how are we achieving the vision

Summarizing feedback so far and adding my prefs to the version that reflects most people´s preference:

A world where fair and open food supply networks connect people and regenerate the earth.