OFN Costa Rica

Hi guys,

First of all we would like to thank @MyriamBoure for introducing us to this community.
To talk a little bit of us, we are a group of 5 people from Costa Rica, 3 science computer students Josué, Jeferson and me Daniel, and then Alvaro and Kevin the guys who introduced us this project.
We are now working on the translation of the platform and also adding an UX Dashboard, we already create a discussion on this link Dashboard Proposal, feel free to send us your comments.

We will appreciate if you guys give us any advice for us, we have been working on the platform, but we still in a development stage.

If you are living in Costa Rica and you are interested on this project let us know and please join us.



Hi guys! Awesome to see the OFN is getting started in Costa Rica!

Just a question when you talk about the translation of the platform, do you talk about front end in Spanish,or making the back office translatable (which is not yet the case, still mostly hard coded). There is definitely a shared need among all the non English speaking countries to be able to translate the back office, if you are working on it I can connect you with people who can guide you in that :slight_smile:

@maikel @pmackay @oeoeaio @RohanM @stveep f you have any advice to the Costa Rica dev team on the deployment / tech development stages, feel free to connect, I also invited them on Slack and created a Costa-Rica channel. I know they talked about some docker deployment idea… you will explain that better :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community!!!

Thank you Myriam.

Now we are focusing on the front end translation. As soon as we finish, maybe we can help with the back translation.

Hi! It’s great to see people trying to setup OFN in Latin America. I’m in a team working to setup a prototype in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. We’ve just finished translation (needs some revision though).

If it should help, here’s a link with the translation files, in many languages, for the Spree backend side:

It’s not 100% since there are some modifications for the OFN version of Spree, but it saved us a lot of work.

@MyriamBoure, can we participate in the Slack discussions as well?

Welcome all and good luck!!

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Hi @thomaz! Welcome to the community,and please feel free to open a thread on OFN Brazil so that people can find you easily :slight_smile: Send me your email in PM and I’ll invite you to Slack! About the translation @josuex09 , we have set up a Transifex that enables easy translations by anyone (https://www.transifex.com/open-food-foundation/open-food-network/) but the back office is still not translatable mostly (hard coded, see example here: https://github.com/openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork/issues/1162) so we need someone who can go into the files and make both the spree automatic translations (sometimes very wrong) and hard coded added stuff variables that can be translated into Transifex (my non-tech way to formulated it ;-))

@dberrocal @thomaz please do post your domains for your sites when you have something live. I dont know if you’re using ofn-install at all, but I’ve tried to get a complete list of domains here.

hi @pmackay, we’re not using an ofn-install yet since we don’t even have a .org domain (it’s a bit of a hassle to get one here), but that’s our goal.

Hey @thomaz, how’s that effort about running a local OFN instance for Brazil going? I’d like to help. Let’s talk. diogo.matsubara@gmail.com