Need reports / filters by shipping method... suggestions welcome!

I have a case in France of a food hub who delivers products to 14th pick-up points (like a big very well organized buying group).
Because of their operational organization, we would like to modelize their case with only one shopfront / entreprise instead of having 14th entreprises and shopfronts, and allow the customers to choose as a delivery option the pick-up point they want to use (UX would be to improve but we’ll see that later).

The problem them comes with the reports: the hub needs to know which total quantities to deliver to which pick-up point. SO basically we need two new reports, on top of:

  • OC Suppliers Total by Distributor
  • OC Distributors Total by Supplier
    We need:
  • OC Suppliers Total by Shipping Method
  • OC Shipping Method Total by Supplier

Is there any objection if we add those two reports ?
I guess it’s not so complicated, a dev can just copy-paste those two reports and change the source for the “distributor” colums to a “delivery option”, right ? Any difficulty expected ?

They are a very important partner for Open Food France, and they will invest some money in future features they need (Subscription 2.0 and Box Builder especially) but they want to start with some basic use of OFN in January, so we would like to solve that by then. I know @lin_d_hop probably the UI grid project could solve that but with all the big priorities at the moment I guess that won’t be ready for January, so I’m trying to find a quick fix for now.

Any other idea how we can get those aggregated data per delivery option ? @Kirsten @sstead @sauloperez maybe ?

Add to that then the ability to show/hide a shipping method for an order cycle, and that would open up a whole new set of possibilities for hub modelization :wink:
Like in the case of our food hub, they could have with one signle entreprise and shop 3 parallel OC, one for weekly baskets subscriptions (on which they would set the subscriptions) with 14 pick-up points, one for bulk purchases with 14 pick-up points (permanent OC), and one for meat (monthly sales) for which they would only offer 3 pick-up points…
That’s exactly what we need for so many of the food hubs that use Open Food France!!!

Today we have to create one entreprise per pick-up point, which makes things more complicated…

Do you share that vision @Kirsten @lin_d_hop @sstead @tschumilas @sauloperez

This feature UK really need - hide show payment methods and pick up points at checkout.
I’ve been poking around the idea for ages and generally get pointed back to OC redesign.
I’m planning, when I get the chance, to dig deeper into OC redesign and have some proposals for Aus (since our time will be overcrammed before we start!)

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Did you try adding a meaningful description plus extra data on the shipping method name like the kind of OC it is used for?

@sauloperez if I get 14 pickup poin here is how it looks like at checkout:

It is verrrry error-prone if we just add “for meat/baskets/grocery” or "for "basket/grocery"just on the shipping method title and let the possibility to user to choose a pick-up point for a meat cycle that is not delivered…

But for me the first step even before hide/show pick-up points in the OC is to enable reports, we have a workaround which is to create one entreprise per type of OC (one for meat, one for basket and one for grocery) which is not as bad as having 14 entreprises… of course it’s not ideal, but we can work with that to start with.

So if no objection I’m opening a GH issue to create those two new reports to get agregated data per shipping method.

@lin_d_hop isn’t it possible to use tag rules to make shipping method / payment method visible/univisible in an OC ?
If we add the possibility to tag an OC, then we can have some new forms of tag rule that are not based on customer tag, but saying “if shipping method tag = meat and OC tag = meat, shipping method = visible”… I don’t have the tech vision but I thought the logic could work…

@MyriamBoure Only if you link via a customer. Not in general.
I suggested doing it via tags in the past, but actually now agree that that tag logic is an overcomplication for that functionality. Instead it makes more sense to just allow the user to specify payment methods and shipping methods available within the order cycle.

Sure, for your example you need to have clear reporting. I think adding fields to reports is something you can freely spec and start work on. Reports are a huge mess and our work in the UK has been hampered by a string of developers that haven’t fit well with our way of working… so we are not making good progress :frowning: Sorry to everyone for that. I hope we can make better progress soon.

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Yes, in Australia there are instances where it would be helpful to apply shipping methods to individual OCs, rather than the entire enterprise. One example is a group of Farmer’s Markets in Melbourne. They run 15 markets across Melbourne, and would like to take per-orders for collection at the markets through one enterprise. But currently this is difficult, because even if the customer selects the right market’s OC, when they get to the shipping methods, they’ll see ‘pick up from Coburb on the 25th’ and ‘pick up from Collingwood on the 27th’ … etc.You can keep the shipping method generic (pick up from the market), but this is limiting.

In their case, it would also be useful to modify the shopfront message for each OC, rather than for the entire enterprise. Different markets have different information that they want to convey to customers.

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I am excited to hear about ideas for OC redesign :slight_smile:

ALSO REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS REDESIGN!! will get my thoughts together on it soon.

I think we are missing one crucial concept in our data model : DELIVERY PLACE.
Today we only create shipping methods and write in text the different options, no notion of delivery place.
So we can’t filter anything by delivery place… this is what we are missing to enable a hub that proposes multiples pick-up points to filter agregated data per delivery place and organize the bulk dispatch of products per delivery place in order to deliver them properly.
SO I think one solution could be to enable a hub to create “delivery places” and when they create a shipping option, they can link it to a deliery place they have previously created. That way we don’t have to create any filter by “shipping method” which is a bit rare, we can just add a filter by “delivery place” in the various orders and reports menu.
And we don’t need any new reports, we just need to add a column with “delivery place” on the existing reports (to be discussed).
For home delivery, the delivery place can be something like “Customer address”.

What do you think @lin_d_hop @Kirsten ?

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