Improve hub manager possibilities in orders treatment

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Our partner user Alter-Conso need the employees managing distributions to see which customers have a negative running balance so that they can ask them to put money on their customer account (they work on advance payment basis) and collect payment on the pick-up point they are managing.

They need to filter orders information per pick-up point as an employee will be on a given pick-up point and will collect money only from those customers. As suggested in the precedent discussion if we create the new concept of ‚Äúdelivery place‚ÄĚ then we can enable on the ‚Äúorder‚ÄĚ list:

  • to add columns to see which delivery place an order has been passed on
  • to filter results by delivery place (so the employee on pick-up point X can filter for this pick-up point and only see the results he needs to collect payments from customers)

Also to enable them to see which customers have no money left on their account, we can enable them to:

  • add a column displaying the current running balance of the customer for the given distributor hub
  • filter results to display only the orders corresponding to a customer who is already in debt with the hub (=has a negative current running balance) so that way they instantly know who to ask money.

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So I guess that would meen we need to create an epic in GH with:

  • add ‚Äúdelivery place‚ÄĚ in the data model (create the table)
  • modify the shipping option set-up : when creating a shipping option, you need to choose a delivery place (if some already created) or add a new one
  • then we can modify the order table and add this ‚Äúdelivery place‚ÄĚ column
  • and we can also create news reports by ‚Äúdelivery place‚ÄĚ

I have a wording suggestion: (Shipping) Destination instead of Delivery Place

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