Interim governance arrangements - working together and next steps

Continuing the discussion from Collaborative governance scheme

Can we use as a starting point the Partnership Model Discussion Paper Google Doc?

I have updated this following very useful! comments from @lin_d_hop

I have also added at the end a section on “Interim Governance Arrangements”. Basically to allow some space for all partners/community to work together to develop processes for discussions and decision-making (instead of OFF dealing individually with everyone in an ad hoc way!) Then we can work on this partnership model together and develop it into something that works for everyone and is robust.

In the meantime as a kind of “placeholder” to be clear on expectations, OFF would like to develop MOUs with each prospective partner organisation to cover arrangements and expectations e.g. for the remainder of 2015.

Working on a template at the moment (with South Africa) and will share here asap.

@serenity can we share here the latest version of the MOU? Can be usefull for potential new partners :slight_smile: Thanks!

Yes - here is generic agreement based on UK. Please share! COLLABORATION AGREEMENT OFN .docx (27.6 KB)

Actually Canada is most recent and might e better to work from…
COLLABORATION AGREEMENT OFF and Laurier Centre 151106.docx (31.1 KB)