Integrate the cheapest EU payment gateway for big hubs : Paybox Direct Plus

What is the need / problem

Mary is a European hub manager. She wants her user to pay as less as possible to make the products the most affordable possible. But she also wants a practical credit card payment method so that she doesn’t spend time in collecting cheque or cash… So for that she wants to use the cheapest credit card payment provider she can get in France, which is Paybox.

Useful example: Alterconso in France are trading 1,2M€ per year through around 14000 transactions. Stripe would cost 2100€ if fixed cost per transaction = 0,15cts + 14400€ if 1,4% on 1,2M€ so yearly cost = 16500€. Paybox charges a monthly subscription of 20€ + small fix cost per transaction (0,075€), no % commission on sales. Total cost per year for Alterconso is 2012 months + 0,07514000 transaction = 1290€ + 110€ installation cost …

Who does it impact

The EU Marys and Shannons, and indirectly, Jane also because she the final price for the products will be cheaper.
Manel also because he can gain new famous and “role model” hubs that can attract lots of others.
Paybox requires the headquarters of account owner to be in Europe and covers 52 currencies.
@NickWeir no one required that in UK ? No big hub for whom Stripe is far too expensive ?

What is the current impact of this problem

  • No single hub use a credit card payment method in France: Today no single Mary or Shannon in France use a credit card payment option, because they found them too expensive and want the products to be the most affordable possible. So they have to keep on collecting cheques and cash and managing them manually.

What is the benefit in focusing on this

  • Enable big hubs (especially Alterconso in France) to transact on Open Food Network.
  • Make it easier for hubs to switch from cheques/cash to credit card payments (in France especially)

Links to more details

Potential solutions that will solve this problem

  • Integration of Paybox Direct Plus

This has been requested by at least 2 big hubs (one current user, the other is Alterconso who is waiting fore a bunch of things to be implemented before starting to use OFN)