Instance Managers Circle Meeting: Q3 2023 (Combined Agenda and Minutes

# Facilitator/s:

# Note taker/s:

# Meeting time:

# Notes from last meeting: (Instance Managers Circle Meeting: Q2 2023 (Combined Agenda and Minutes))*

# Participants:

  • Australia - Amida
  • Brazil -
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany - Konrad
  • Greece
  • India
  • Ireland - Evonne
  • Italy
  • Iberian peninsular (Catalonia, Spain, Portugal)
  • New Zealand -
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland - Mikel
  • UK - Djenai
  • USA - Laurie

# Meeting recording:


Global Roles updates:
3 global roles were initiated recently - the only one filled currently is David T (OFN CA) - connecting with other orgs and seeking fundraising opportunities
Admin & budgeting - currently someone in Australia working on this to determine funding situation & ability to finance the other global roles
Community Weaver role - not filled atm

Please see global update doc for news from instances


Global Fundraising Slack thread (@Evonne )

Integrations and automations for managing instance more proactively: using the N8N workflows documented in the API Handbook and adding more (@lauriewayne1 ?)

Communication within the IM Circle - What do you need from this Circle, what would be most useful for your needs as an IM? (@amida ?)

Trademark protection: why is it important? Can we raise funds to cover the registration fees for OFN trademark protection. See slack thread here Slack (@lauriewayne1 )

Review of IM spreadsheet here- need to update annually; inclusion of instance url & consideration of ‘in kind’ contributions to OFN Global (@Evonne )



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