How to Request a Change to the Global User Guide

If you:

  1. spot an error,
  2. would like a section re-written so that it is more useful for your users and support team
  3. have a suggestion for new content to be added then:

Create an Issue here:

I have made the issue templates super easy to fill in. If you would like them tweaked or have suggestions on how they can be improved then please comment below or in the #user-guide channel on Slack.

@Rachel is working on User Facing changes as a result of platform updates automatically creating issues in this Github repo.

The Process is:

  1. Issue Created
  2. Issue assigned to one of a core team who will maintain the English version of the User Guide.
  3. Depending on the complexity of an issue, it will either go straight to being published or there will be revision steps and drafts before the English UG is updated.
  4. Once the English UG is updated those who manage other language versions will be able to translate the change and update accordingly.

Changes will progress through this Zenhub board.

  • If you manage one of the non-English versions of the UG then you can pick up changes to action from the ‘Completed Update English’ pipe.
  • There is an Admin Checkbox on each issue to tick when a particular change has been processed for a language.

The Core User Guide Team
It would be great to have one person from each English speaking instance who has admit rights and has been trained to be part of this.
UK: @lbwright22
Canada: @JessC

If you are not a native English speaker then you are very welcome to join the core team who update the English guide too- you can write drafts in your preferred language and we can use DeepL or Google Translate to translate and then someone who speaks English can tweak it so it reads smoothly.

I also recognise that if you are from an non-English speaking instance you may already have a lot of work to do, maintaining your language version of the UG and so please do not feel pressured to do both!

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