How the OFN community can support you in the deployment of your OFN based project

We regularly receive messages from people who need a marketplace to operate their food enterprise. Sometimes they have a model with multiple hubs on a broad territory, sometimes it’s a more focused project.
Whatever the scope and type of your project, the OFN might be a useful base to build on.

From all over the world, people have contributed for months, years, and have developped a specific expertise on the OFN code base and processes around how to set up a local instance and run your project on it.

We are super happy to share, support, empower people who would like to build their project on the OFN!!!
Of course we can’t all always work for free, so depending on your project and your situation, we’ll orient you to the online resources that can help you and help you jump in the community. But if your project really requires to spend time on your specific case, we can also build a team of people already familiar with the OFN, or pairing them with OFN experts, to work with you on your project.

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