Hello all from Vietnam

Hello Everyone
I’m Duc from Vietnam.
Now, in Vietnam, Agriculture is considered as one of the most developing fields. However, the farmer indeed doesn’t know about economy, technology. As a result, price of food is being down although the farmer invested and worked hard on their fields. I found this website on internet and I know that it’s wonderfull to build up one like this in vietnam.
This is my first time in this community so if anyone have some suggests and helps i can inbox me. Thanks alot.


Hi Duc, where are you in VN?
I’m setting system in Vietnam ^^

Hi Minh
Great to hear that you are setting up the Open Food Network in Vietnam. Welcome to the OFN community

To help you through, I invite you first to read some interesting posts on the community forum, so that you understand better how our community works, and what it takes to get a new instance up and running :
First you can watch a demo video showing how the platform concretely works
Here is the community pledge that explains the different role in the community and what it means to be part of this community. And here a specific discussion about white labelled deployments.
Here you’ll find info about how to get a new instance up and running, and also here, and 4 posts about more technical aspects of it (public or private instances, infrastructure, security, community support)
Here is a visual representation of the global business model, and a post on the co-budgeting process we are using to crowdfund features and mutualized roles

It’s always easier to understand by talking to people, so I’ll be happy to plan a skype call with you in the coming days if you want.

Let us know if we can help.

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Hello Minhvv, I am in Ha NOi. My phone number is 0904639670. YOu can chat with me in skype, my account is hongductele.

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Hello Minh you can join the discussion abow to join openfoodnetwork teams. We can need the support about how to deploy openfoodnetwork in the world in order to do it well in Vietnam

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Hi there! Great to see the OFN moving forward in Vietnam :slight_smile: @minhvv if you give us your email address we can you to Slack, to the “vietnam” channel, and as @phamhongduc suggested it will be easier for you to get quick answer from the community if you are stuck with something in the deployment process :wink: CHeers from France !

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Hi all,
my Email: vuvanminh.49@gmail.com;

done now, added to deployment and dev channels - thanks

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Hi @phamhongduc, @minhvv, It looks like a great project for the VN community. Is there any progress you have made?

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Hi @trunghaiy
We have had several contacts over the years showing an interest in deploying OFN in Vietnam. If you would like to discuss this further please email me at nick@openfoodnetwork.org.uk

Thanks, @NickWeir. I’ve just sent an email to you. Cheers.

OFN is great, but unfortunately my project was stopped for some of reasons.

I am meeting with @trunghaiy tomorrow Friday at 9amGMT on [this link] (Launch Meeting - Zoom) to discuss next steps for OFN Vietnam. Anyone is welcome to join us :slight_smile: