History on order (and more)


When we complete an order cycle and settle every order it happens very frequently that some orders are modified: products are removed because they were delivered, other are added to match the “max” value for, etc… This is done either via the bulk order mgt interface or by editing the order - fine.

BUT once an order is modified there is no way to roll-back or simply view the previous version - the only possibility is to go back to the order confirmation email to view th original order… :(. An order version history with date, author and possibility to view/rollback would be awesome.

This would be specially useful for orders as they impact most directly end consumers and we need good control over them. But it would also be valuable for most other objects such as enterprise, order cycle, products, etc…

Let me know you thoughts

We have had similar thoughts here at Food Connect @FoodConnectWholesale

We have worked around this for the moment, by pulling reports once the order cycle is closed, and keeping that data as the ‘original ordered’ copy. Then as the orders morph and change inside the system, we know that we have a record of what was actually ordered by the customer. In addition, we keep and file all of the emails which notify us of the original order being placed. This makes it easy to talk through with customers in the same format that they also received.

Despite all these work arounds, we would also be interested in looking into the possibility of the system itself tracking these changes. The ability to add notes to changes along the way would also be awesome. Perfect for putting on a wishlist such as this :smile:

Thanks for the input. Where is the latest wishlist located?

@Olivier I was referencing this article - your wishlist :smile:

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