Global governance coaching for OFN at DECELERATION WEEK 5-9 OCT in France

Hey everyone,

as some of you are aware of, OFN was a winner at the OUISHARE Awards this year (largely thanks to @MyriamBoure’s implication - THANK YOU!) - and our prize is a one-week intensive coaching session in a quiet co-working space in the French countryside (together with the other 4 projects) to help move our project to the next level (focus on governance, strategy and business model). 2 people from our project can participate.
Since this prize is for the whole of OFN, we wanted to open this to everybody, in case anyone wants to come to France to participate. The founding team in AUS have already said they can’t come at that time, but @MyriamBoure and I thought it would be great to include you all as much as possible in this process.

So there are two things:
1) If anyone is able to come to France for this and wants to be more involved in these global questions that concern us all, now’s the time! :slight_smile: (@eric already said he might be interested - would be great to have you here!!)
2) In any case, we should dedicate a good part of the coming two global hangouts (11th august and 8th september) to this and possibly plan a special hangout before and/or during the actual deceleration week early october, in order to make sure that those two who will end up going, represent the ideas of us all. And then after that week of coaching, in any case the result will be presented to all and we’ll continue the discussion around that and see if we can start building something more concrete together.

@MyriamBoure has already had some great reflections on global governance of OFN (based amongst others on the principles of holocracy) and we continued those with Sylvain and myself last weekend and we’re now trying to put those ideas into a more presentable form to share with you all in the coming weeks.

How does all this sound to everybody?

Thank you Anselm @Selmo for opening that discussion :slight_smile: That sounds great to me!

Just a small precision: the dates for the deceleration week are 5th to 9th October.

  • Meeting point 4th october in a train station in Paris at 17:06
  • We’ll be back to Paris 10th October at 12:00

This all sounds fantastic @Selmo, @MyriamBoure ! Look fwd to seeing the first model to respond to. Pls note that here in Aust Kirsten and I and Rohan will be at Burning Seed (Aust Burning Man) from 30 Sept-5 Oct with no internet so pls don’t schedule any prep HOs then!

I had a call with the organizer, Anne-Marie, of the deceleration week, and it seems that if we want to be 3, that is managable :slight_smile: @eric I need your confirmation not too late, in the coming days if possible. If anyone else want to come, please tell us quickly as we have to confirm in the coming days how many people are coming (2 or 3). Can you all who are interested (and especially @eric, confirm before… let’s say next Wednesday, 22nd?

We will be mentored on different aspects, but especially governance, strategy, and business model, as @Selmo said :slight_smile: Antonin Leonard, from who OuiShare started, will be there the full week. Anne-Marie told me different names but I don’t remember :wink: And we will also have free time to work indpendantly (or relax and get to knkow each other!) and with our “remote teams”, so definitely we can plan hangouts at 13:00 Paris time, that will most probably be a break time :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

That is great news!! @eric pls let us know if you need help fundraising to get to Europe!!

Unfortunately flight tickets are not taken in charge from outside of Europe, but I learnt they are for Europe. As I’ll be coming from Oslo, it’s not a huge amount… probably not even 100€, but I can share what I get with you @eric as I think it’s fair, to balance a bit what we are paying each one of us to go there :slight_smile: @Selmo are you flying to Paris also early october? In that case you can also have your flight ticket paid back. We have to take them as soon as possible so that it is cheap… OuiShare doesn’t have a huge budget you know :wink:
I just wait to see if we go and present OFN at the Alternatiba gathering in Paris end of september, but I’ll take them within a couple of weeks.

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Hei everyone! I just received this message from Marie-Anne, the organizer:

Dear everyone,
Thanks for confirming your participation to the OuiShare Deceleration Week !
You will find attached the planning of the week to give you an idea of the great experience you are going to live. As you see, these days are going to be dedicated to slowing down, reflecting and clarifying your project/business through mentoring and peer-to-peer discussions. You will also have personal time and free time to focus, work or just rest.
Unplug sessions will be dedicated to collective activities around Mutinerie Village.
In order to fit the week best to your current situation, please answer the following question :
Is there a specific issue/challenge within your project, that you would like to solve through the deceleration week?
Looking forward to reading from you,

Here is the program:

Regarding the answer to the question about our particular issue, we said we wanted to take this opportunity to discuss about global governance… So to start the discussion, I wrote what I had in mind, but please feel free to share your vision / formulation and we can try to synthetize something that reflects our collective :wink: Also if you see other subjects you would like to start discussing during that week, please feel free :smile:

“OFN aims to be a decentralized collaborative organization, with a flat structure where anyone who share our values and mission can join the community and contribute to the commons. The community also exists on different levels: the hubs / the regional instances / the gobal community. The specific challenge we would like to work on during that deceleration week is the design & permanent reshaping process of our global governance model, in connection with our business model, as both are intimately connected… what are the local / mutualized roles? How do we finance them? How do we take the decisions that concerns the commons?”

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@MyriamBoure thanks for this - what you phrased looks great to me. Unless anyone else has anything else to suggest, you can go ahead and send it.
Pending a confirmation from Eric, it looks like it’ll be you and me representing OFN at this event. We’ll certainly talk more about it at the community hangout 11th Aug.

We have shared on the monthly community HO page the dates for the community HO we propose you to design collectively our governance model and permanent reshaping process: Kicking off international partner/community monthly discussions.
Some are just the already planned monthly HO, but we added two extra dates before and during the deceleration week, on the 22nd September and 7th October.
Please have a look there!

sounds like no word from usa, which means still another spot - any chance of temptation @lin_d_hop @mags @NickWeir?

I would LOVE to join!

I have other commitments on that date but I am considering cancelling to be able to come along as this discussion is super aligned with my interests.

Please let me know today if that is possible?


Oh, also @lin_d_hop have a look at that document on values: and I thought this is connected to the governance work like a fundation block before we build on it… I think we gather a community around a project and around shared values, and it’s a good exercice to write them down and all agree on those values that we share :wink:

Hey everyone - a quick update from the DECELERATION WEEK near Chartres, in rural France… where @MyriamBoure, @lin_d_hop and I are being coached for a week on the governance structure and business model of the global OFN project (what we refer to as OFN global). It’s amazing to have this chance at this very point in time for three of us to be in one place with only this to do and with great coaches to help us - we’re very excited! :smile:

DAY 1: clarification of the project using the BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS technique.
We spent about 3 hours on this - it took us quite a long time to separate (in our minds first, then on paper) the global project from the tool OFN itself, from the overall vision AND from the various instance levels we’re involved. But rather than boring you with the details, just take a look at the outcome:

on the 2nd picture: yellow is status quo and pink is future thinking

Tomorrow we’re going to start working on the governance structure/framework and decision making process, so that we have something to present you on the community HO Wednesday.

ping @Kirsten @serenity @lawrence @eric @RohanM @NickWeir @tschumilas @Angie-US