Global Gathering - Day 8 - Pipe Prioritisation - DEV PIPE


Dev Pipe Prioritisation

Element Type
Spree v2 – finish release Tech debt
Performance - Matt’s PR /groups /shops /producers Performance - Feature
Sys admin standardisation – Canada & Aus
Product import and enterprise fee report – make visible to enterprise admin Feature
Subs – essential items for release Feature
S3 bugs – Top 5 – prioritisation of bugs in monthly delivery train hangout Epic of top 10 bugs
SPIKE: performance – admin edit order cycles Performance - Feature
Invoices legally compliant – French feature toggl to hide Feature
Performance /enterprise/shop Performance - Feature
Performance /reports/orders&fulfilment Performance - Feature
SKU on order confirmation emails Feature
SPIKE: Ban contact payment method Feature
SPIKE: new French payment Feature
Mobile: particularly the first giant PR into little PRs Feature
API exemplar Feature
Some potential OFN improvements from a small Normandy producer

@danielle @tschumilas @lauriewayne1 FYI


I don’t understand quite a few of these line items. Is there a wishlist or GitHub epic attached to any of them? Where’s the detail? I assume it’s coming soon?


My understanding is that the dev ready column will be aligning with this and more info then available from there - @Rachel does that seem right to you?


@danielle @Kirsten yes we decided to create issues/epics on Github for items which didn’t had any (mostly all the SPIKEs + toggl for invoice and SKU on confirmation email).

Dev ready column is updated to show this list except for the 5 last items (in progress). And we decided we would use the delivery train hangout to review this list of priority each month.

Please make sure you look at both repo (OFN-install and OFN) when looking at the dev-ready column. One thing that came out of the retro is that we were not prioritizing what was happening on OFN install and that it could affect our pipe. So now we prioritize issues from both repo.