Global Gathering 2019 - Day 5 - Information management

What is the purpose of this session?
Figure out how we store and share information for different community/user groups

What outcomes/deliverables do we want?
Clear flow for different user types

Who is facilitating? Lynne

Who is scribing? Gen


  • Made some progress on streamlining for inexperienced instance managers
  • Cut short for session with CSA people - to be picked up again later


  • Rename customer service slack channel something like “Instance Manager Support”
  • Add info management process to the OFN Handbook + link around

Detailed notes:

What levels of support are necessary?
Luis - S1 is user support - slack channel
But are users customers, enterprise managers, instance managers?
Rachel suggests we should have a global support team for instance managers

Levels of users:

  • Customers
  • Enterprises
  • Instance managers (OFN Global)
    • Inexperienced
    • Experienced
  • Developers

Kirsten: shouldn’t information from Instance managers, Developers be available to enterprises?
Lynne: but there’s a language issue - this info is accessible only to English-speakers, since the working language of OFN Global is English. Thus there’s a need for curation of information from Instance managers and Developers to Customer and Enterprise users in various languages.

Nick - do we need help on this? Seems that there are experts out there we could tap
Luis - other companies implement a standard system, but it’s always a mess. We need to diagnose our own problem. A question of identifying entry points and directing people from those entry points. Maybe implement a system of incident management/ticketing? Stack exchange?
Jen - We don’t necessarily want to do communications the same way other orgs do it - we work very differently and we don’t treat users as clients.
Mentoring/buddy system for inexperienced instance managers?

Information tools to be tidied up:

  • Global email - for inexperienced instance managers
  • Youtube? Facebook? Twitter? - information pushing, not Q&A spaces
    • GitBook
      • User guide (level 1)
      • Super Admin handbook - for inexperienced instance managers
      • OFN handbook - for inexperienced instance managers
    • Discourse - how do we make these resources discoverable?
      • Using OFN (category) - for inexperienced instance managers
      • Community of practice (tag) - addresses questions around how to engage the community
    • Github
      • Wiki
    • Slack
      • Customer service - for inexperienced instance managers
      • Bugs
      • Dev


  • When you answer a question, add it to the relevant static guide

Thank you for your kind attention to inexperienced instance managers!!! A visual map like the one you drew is a really useful way to navigate the troubleshooting steps.

I feel like I am a professional Inexperienced Instance Manager! :nerd_face:

Haha @lauriewayne1 In actuality we simply ran out of time in the session to talk about the other roles. We didn’t intend to pick on the ‘Inexperienced Instance Managers’!

I think inexperienced instance managers (IEMs) are a very important demographic for OFN - we can take a lot of time from the global team, we may do things out of ignorance that cause unnecessary problems or don’t take advantage of approaches that are already worked out, and we may slow or stunt OFN’s ability to grow in a country. The thing is, as more instances come on board, and as our original team moves into other, more strategic areas of OFN (or life just overrides), we are just going to keep coming. I really do appreciate and value the help I get! I perceive that in most cases us IEMs are getting in the way of more people being able to use and contribute to OFN because we are busy navigating a big learning curve. It’s a system performance issue, but with humans.

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on a one-stop page for how all the OFN info is managed including tips on where to go to find the info you need in Slack, discourse, and the web in general.

Here is what I have so far:

I’d appreciate comments, thoughts and filling in the blanks. Once completed this will live in the OFN Handbook.

@tschumilas @Theodore @lauriewayne1 @sauloperez @NickWeir @Rachel @MyriamBoure @Kirsten (I can’t remember all the instance managers!)

We’ve made a lot of updates and changes to this and it is now being added to the Gitbook. It would be great if everyone could have a read so that:
a) We can agree on this document and process and
b) We can all start following and enforcing it!


Awesome, thanks @lin_d_hop I updated the OFN handbook with the current version ( and will update if we change things in it. Great job !